Hayley and Drew

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How We Met

We were first introduced at the IUPUI pool during a sectional swim meet. He was being recruited by my college swim coach to come and swim for Olivet Nazarene University. We did not actually become really good friends until the summer before my junior year of college. He asked me five separate times to go on a date with him before I actually said yes. After that we were best friends and inseparable.

how they asked

On Monday I was told I was going to be volunteering at the NCAA D2 nationals. When we got to the IUPUI pool we had some time before we had to start volunteering so Drew took me to the 10 meter platform and said, “Hayley you know we are not volunteering? Look at the board.” When I looked at the board it said “Hayley Marie Ronci will you marry me?” and when I looked back at him he was on one knee.

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