Hayley and Douglas

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How We Met

Doug and I met through mutual friends. I was in my last year of college at the University of Georgia and for the last 3 years I hadn’t had the best luck with men. After many attempted and failed relationships for Doug and I both my roommate, who I had lived with since freshman year, and her boyfriend, who had been the best friend of my fiancé Doug since they were 10, finally decided to take matters into their own hands. On January 24th, 2014 my roommate and her boyfriend set up a group date at a popular restaurant in Atlanta, El Taco. Things were a bit awkward at first. Not only was this a blind date but we had 3 other couples watching our every move in wonder of how this was going to turn out. As the night went on and the conversation began to flow the awkwardness began to dissipate and was replace with a sense of comfort, like we had know each other for years. I remember at one point in the night I was cold and Doug offered me his jacket and I thought, a man that would put my needs, a woman that he barely knew, above his own was definitely a man I wanted to pursue a life with.

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how they asked

Earlier in the week Doug had told me not to make plans for Saturday, he had plans for us. I was seriously skeptical as to what he was up to but I decided I wouldn’t get my hopes up because there had been many proposal opportunities in the last few months and nothing had happened so I decided to just enjoy whatever he had planned with no expectations. I don’t believe Friday could’ve ended soon enough, so when Saturday morning rolled around I was so anxious to know what was going on. Doug told me to get ready and get my bag, we wouldn’t be coming back that night. At this point I was really trying to keep my cool but inside I was exploding in hopes that the man I love was going to ask me to marry him and SOON! I tried multiple times to get him to tell me where we were going but he would not budge. By the time we hit 16, I knew we were headed for Savannah, GA. Once we arrived he told me we had plans at 7. My rational side, still trying to believe this is just a fun little weekend getaway, assumed we were going to dinner. Especially since I took the opportunity to search Doug’s bag when he left the hotel room at one point and found nothing. However, after we walked all over Savannah we ended in front of the Hyatt Hotel where the horse drawn carriages picked up and dropped off. At this point I knew, this was definitely a proposal. Everything I had ever dreamed of was about to come true and I was so nervous and excited and anxious at the same time. I think I felt every emotion under the sun in that hour long carriage ride. The horse drawn carriage ride ended at a beautiful white gazebo where Doug popped the question and my mother and his parents appeared, capturing the perfect moment.

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