Hayley and Chris

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How We Met

Chris was born and raised in Logansport, Louisiana. Hayley was born in raised in Kilgore, Tx. Hayley has known most of Chris’ family since she was young. They just somehow never crossed paths. Hayley even went to some of His families events but, they still never crossed. Chris had some interest in moving to a different place to start down a new path. and when his uncle became the pastor at a church in Kilgore, he took that opportunity to do just that. Almost two years later, after going to the same church and never crossing paths, Hayley and Chris finally saw each other for the first time, and Hayley says “something about him caught my eye, his smile was so sweet and all I could think was, who is this guy and why have I not seen him before?” Chris was also being smooth and started making sure he said hello to her dad and mom every Sunday, just showing his respect before he started pursuing their daughter. So sweet. They ended up going to the same small group together and messaging on facebook and that is all it took for them to realize something special was going on. something everyone else could see plain as day, but these two thought they were playing it smooth. They both say “We have so much fun together. We can laugh and make anything we do eventful. We can truly be ourselves, and to us that is priceless.” They know; there is no better person for one another.

how they asked

Hayley knew something was going on that day because Chris was way too stressed about going trick or treating. It started raining, Hayley was running late at work and getting her “old lady” make-up done. When Chris called her in a panic wondering where she was, she began to worry she had done something wrong. So she packed up her make up and headed out the door to go find him. The rain finally lightened up a little and as they waited for the rest of the family to arrive, Hayley had know idea the night wasn’t just about candy. They started walking to get candy with Hayley’s niece Ella, when she received a pretty blue box and started to question what was going on. Little did she know Chris was behind her and about to ask if they could grow old together. So what started off as them just dressing up as a sweet old couple, turned out to be the start of them growing into a future sweet old couple.

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