Hayley and Austin

How We Met

Austin and I met working for the same company. Me in the Dallas office and him in Green Bay. We clicked right away the first time we met when I went there for training. Our friendship turned into real feelings pretty quickly. We went on a work trip to Cancun and by the end of the trip, we knew we couldn’t go back to just being a friend. We didn’t want to be without each other. I made the plunge and moved cross country to be with him.

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Hayley and Austin's Engagement in Baileys Harbor, WI

Hayley's Proposal in Baileys Harbor, WI

How They Asked

Austin said we were going to take a trip to Door Country a few months prior. We had been talking about going for forever so I suspected nothing! As we arrived at the Airbnb where we were staying, one of my best friends walked out the front door. I was so shocked to see her! He had flown her in from Texas. She whispered to me as we hugged “Austin planned all this!” I turned around to find him on one knee.

He didn’t say a word because I almost knocked him down hugging him and crying! He had picked out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen! He had even had the girls I work with making sure my nails were done. I cannot wait to be his wife ?♥️

Special Thanks

Lindsey Piontek
 | Photographer