Hayley and Alex

How We Met

We met my freshman year of college. Alex transferred that winter quarter and just so happened to be placed on my floor. My roommate and I lived around the corner from him, but because our wifi was a nonexistent black hole in our room, we often staked out the side lounge for homework, which happened to be in front of Alex’s room. Alex had oddly never noticed me there, even though I sat closest to his room, and the only glimpse I ever saw if him was his blue sweatshirt when I avoided looking at whoever walked down the hallway. One particular day though, my roommate told me she had invited some guy to come to Cru, a Christian organization on campus we attended. She eventually bailed on me, leaving me the awkward shy girl to take this random guy and attempt to make conversation. In my hope to save things, I made my extroverted friend come with me to remedy the situation. Somehow, through the awkwardness of both of us, Alex quickly became my best friend and boyfriend. I knew from the start that God had strategically placed Alex in my life, and life just wouldn’t feel complete without my tall best friend by my side. If you ask him, he would say that he fell in love with me the moment he saw me, all wrapped up in the bright pink scarf my roommate told him I’d be wearing that night. It is still his favorite article of clothing I wear.

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how they asked

If you know anything about me, it would be my natural intuition, which can make surprises difficult. It has often been a joke between the both of us that I am Sherlock and he is my Watson, We had been talking about engagement for sometime, but I still had no idea when Alex would propose, although I got a few hints through a few deductive questions. After church last Sunday, Alex’s good friend from home and his girlfriend, who had come unexpectedly the night before, wanted to go take pictures of nature. We happen to live near a wildlife reservation, which has been the setting for many great memories of our relationship. The gate was closed, but in a bold decision by Alex and his friend, we trekked off the side, with two cameras and a blanket. As Alex’s friend and his girlfriend “took pictures of nature,” Alex and I wandered off, in which I took enjoyment in testing him to see if it would happen today. after the blanket had been strategically “left” on a log, Alex and I wandered farther, with friends in tow. Soon, Alex suggested we sit down, which I found odd, but then noticed that a leather bound booklet lay on top. My exact words were, “it’s happening!!” and I sat down to read. The leather booklet embodied two parts of our relationship.

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The leather was reminiscent of the adventure book Alex had written for me, bound in the same leather. Each page also had lovely words about me, and the love Alex had for me, leading to a puzzle at the end with a series of blanks.

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In our early days of dating, Alex had created riddles and codes for me and sneakily left them on my door without me knowing. This puzzle was different; each first letter of each page spelled out the words I had waited so long to hear: “Hayley, I love you so much. Will you marry me?” After I completed it, Alex got on one knee, saying lovely words of which I do not remember. Of course, the two friends who came with us were there solely for our engagement, and I never felt so on top of the world. We celebrated with frozen yogurt with our friends and FaceTiming/calling our families and family. God gifted to me the greatest best friend in the world, and I am so thankful that I get to spend every adventure with him!

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