Hayley and Alec


How We Met

Well, where should I start?! So we actually met on Tinder, although his family thinks we met on Christian Mingle…and a handful of other friends think we met through mutual friends! Believe me, our wedding day will be a tell all as I know my sister and his twin brother will let the secret out in their speeches and toasts as they are already out to “one up” the other!

how they asked

He’ll agree with me when I say that we both knew we had found “the one” on our very first date. A few months in, we started planning a trip to Scotland. We’ve only been dating for 9 months and although we had already planned our future together, he did an amazing job of convincing me that a proposal wasn’t happening for at least a few years. Well, needless to say, I was shocked when he got down on one knee on a cliff alongside the coast on the Isle of Mull in Scotland with the Duart Castle in the background and asked me to marry him! We were the only people there, aside from his twin brother, Evan, who was in charge of taking photos! I have to thank my sister for letting my fiancé know that I wanted the moment captured by someone close to us!