Haylee and Christopher

How We Met

Chris and I met in college, I was moving and transitioning into the real world while he was finishing up his last semester. We went through a lot of obstacles and have seen each other grow over the last two years. Honestly being with someone and growing with someone at such a critical time in your life was challenging, amazing and so much fun. It really tested our relationship.

How They Asked

Last weekend we were in La Grange, TX Chris’ hometown. We were visiting the family, having lunch and enjoying the day. After running into town Chris completely surprised me. We drove through their property and drove to the dance floor him and his dad built for his sister’s wedding earlier this year.

He had roses, a table, champagne, pictures of us and a beautiful engagement ring. He played the song, “Who I am With You” by Chris Young and asked me to dance. That song will forever have a place in my heart. At the end of the song, he asked me to be his forever and to be his wife. With no hesitation, I said YES!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in La Grange, TX

Special Thanks

Katie Denton
 | Photographer