Haygn and Dylan

Haygn and Dylan's Engagement in Branson, MO

How We Met

Dylan and I met at College of the Ozarks. We were randomly placed in the same welcome week group. We had no intentions of dating, we just wanted to make it through the first semester. As the semester was coming to a close and Dylan was packing up his dorm room to head home for the break, we started to click and the rest is history.

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how they asked

We won a free photo shoot on Facebook for Valentine’s Day and set up the date for photos in April! I set up the date, time and location. Little did I know Dylan had made other plans. I really wanted puctures in front of the Mill Wheel and it had been pouring rain all day. We decided to go for it anyways. As we were walking I noticed Dylan stopped I turned around and he was on one knee!

Special Thanks

Larry Plumlee
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