Hayden and Will

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How We Met

Will and I have known each other our entire lives. Our parents have been friends as long as I can remember. We grew up going to the same soccer tournaments, cheer competitions (to watch our sisters), football games, etc. since I was a little girl. Will is two years older than me so I always thought he was the really cute older boy that was out of my league lol My mom and I always talked about how cute he was, but I always assumed he saw me “as a little sister”. Fast forward to the summer before my junior year of high school, we realized that we had feelings for each other and the rest was history. We have been dating for 10 years and are high school sweethearts. We have always been long distance due to each other pursuing our own goals and completing school. He’s always been my best friend and I’m so glad 10 years later he finally asked and we get to live in the same town as each other!!! We have gone through so many seasons together and this is the best season yet!

How They Asked

Will’s little cousin was graduating from high school in May and due to COVID-19, they haven’t been able to celebrate. To celebrate her awesome accomplishment, Will’s Aunt was throwing her a “graduation party” on the coast of Mississippi. Since it was memorial day, I knew two of my friends were coming into town and we were going to meet up after the graduation party to begin celebrating the memorial day weekend! Will picked me up from my home in Lucedale, MS on Saturday 5/23/2020 and we were headed to the graduation party on the coast.

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Once we got close to the party, Will’s mom called and said we had to stop by his uncle’s house to pick up some wine because they forgot it before the party. Will’s uncle’s house is the ultimate southern dream home on the river in MS. Due to the house being absolute goals, I wanted to get out and snap chat the home to my friends because it is truly so stunning. As we were walking to the outdoor kitchen to grab the wine, I noted some flowers on a table in the distance under the most beautiful oak trees. Will asked if I wanted to go check it out. As we were walking towards the table, my heart was pounding and I truly had no idea they were for me.

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Next thing I knew, Will be telling me that “I’ve always been his best friend”…. (I can’t remember the rest) and asked me to marry him under the oak trees at our dream home on the river in MS!!! The story got even better, my parents and wills parents ran outside and greeted us with the biggest hugs! It was truly so special. Once we left the engagement spot, we went to the home where the “graduation party” was at and I was greeted by my nine best friends (that flew and drove from Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX, Nashville, TN, Jackson, MS, etc.) and our closest family and friends!! It truly was the best night and I want to live it over and over again!

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Special Thanks

Bethany Lightsey
 | Photographer