Hayden and Spencer

Hayden's Proposal in Gilbert Arizona LDS Temple

How We Met

Me & Spencer met my Sophomore year/his junior year in high school. We had a class together and he sat right behind me. Although we never became best friends which would make it an awesome story, but we were both equally talkative and loud and we shared that bond instantly. After that class we said hello to each-other everyday in the halls…we still can’t figure out what drew us to do that. As time wen’t on we saw each-other periodically. We were in the same prom group, we saw each-other everyday after 5th hour and would give a big smile and just say a simple “hello”. At one point in the beginning of 2014 – I had baseball tickets to see the Diamondbacks play. I thought Spencer was cute and figured that he would he a fun date to take, so I asked him and he said yes! I. Was. Terrified. Long story short that date never happened because I completely chickened out.

Eventually the summer before my senior year came around. It was now 2014 and we were both not looking to date anyone. Spencer had just graduated and was preparing to serve an LDS mission in Taiwan, Taipei and I was trying to get my life together before becoming a senior. Now, everyone from our age remembers the phrase “slide in the DM’s” right? Well it was something like that. We started talking quite a bit over social media one night which quickly leaped to Snapchat which quickly leaped to texting which finally got us to our first date. Our first date was the worst. If you asked either one of us we would both say so. Spencer picked me up (like a complete gentlemen) and we wen’t to the movies. Well this day happened to be the day before Spencer left for Hawaii for vacation and the day before I was to get my wisdom teeth out. So, as guessed, we both were not the most in to our date. We talked before the movie a bit and talked a but after. We sang “Latch” by Sam Smith which was probably the only bonding moment we truly had. He walked me to my door we said our goodbyes and that was it. Good story yeah?

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Gilbert Arizona LDS Temple

Well, that week wen’t by and I decided to give it one more shot; I still don’t know why I did this but I invited him to come with me to get acai bowls – and to my surprise he said yes. That night he picked me up and we wen’t and got Thrive. We talked for hours. We became so comfortable with one another. He then to me to the press box of our high school’s football stadium and we climbed to the top and sat up there talking until 1:00 am. Realizing how late it was he took me home and kissed me at my doorstep. From then on we never left each-other’s side. Life without Spencer was boring, and if one of us was on vacation you could count on us constantly texting and talking on the phone. As I said though, Spencer was preparing to serve an LDS mission in Taiwan and that time quickly cane upon us. We had been dating for a little over 3 months and were madly in love. We knew how special we were to each-other and knew that something could be there for the rest of our lives. So, as the story goes, he left for two years to serve the lord and preach the gospel. We emailed every week and wrote many, many letters to each-other. Nothing was better than getting a letter in the mail.

Proposal Ideas Gilbert Arizona LDS Temple

So for two years we were best friends still talking about everything, still madly in love…just thousands of miles apart. Soon enough though, October of 2016 came around and Spencer was coming home. Not having seen each-other in two whole years was nerve racking and we both were not sure what to expect. His family, my family and all of his wonderful friends wen’t to the airport to pick him up. I will never forget how badly I was shaking until the moment I saw him. A complete calm came over me and I had never felt happier. It took everything out of me no never let go of him again when I finally got to hug my best friend and sweetheart. That night after everything was finished, he drove me home. It was as though nothing had ever changed. His smile was the same, his eyes still kind, and he walked me to my doorstep and kissed me, after two years without seeing each-other, right where we shared our first kiss. And from then on, just as before, we were inseparable.

how they asked

It was Thanksgiving weekend and all of my closest family members were in town. Spencer came with us to dinner that Saturday night along with my closest cousins and close family. We had dinner and Spencer said to me “we should go over to the Gilbert LDS Temple and show Sen & Izzy (my cousins)!” Thinking it was great idea of course I said yes. The temple is such a beautiful place. We drove on over which was about 5 minutes away from where we were eating dinner. We got put and started walking my cousins trailing closely behind. Soon we reached a bend where candles had be placed. Completely confused Spencer asked “Oh what are those?” I just stared and I said “I don’t know that’s funny haha” NOT THINKING IT WAS A PROPOSAL. Then before I knew it, he was down on one knee asking me to marry him.

After 3 months of dating, two years of waiting, and almost 2 more months of dating I said yes!!

Biggest of thank you to his sweet mom who set up all of the candles and to my cousins for taking pictures.