Hayden and Chris

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How We Met: Chris and I met in 2009, in our freshman year of catholic high school. He and I compared our class schedules and crazy enough we had almost every class together up until our senior year. We became really good friends and he constantly surprised me with gifts. We did not start actually dating until the summer of our junior year. We talked every night for hours. The first date we had, I decided to surprise him. I did not tell him where we were going and it was really hard. We spent the day at The Natural History Museum and walking in D.C. My sister went with us because I am horrible with direction as he later found out. He held my hand for the first time and I just about fainted from excitement. I am really proud and happy to say he is my high school sweetheart <3

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how they asked: Oh it was amazing! Chris and I LOVE LOVE LOVE antique shops. In Front Royal there are a lot of them downtown. We went to check them out on December 24, 2014. Downtown looked really nice for Christmas and there were lights everywhere. In the middle of town there is a gazebo and inside it there was a Christmas tree. Chris kept saying, “lets go look at the christmas tree!”. I was very uninterested in this because it was really cold outside and I was ready to go home into warmth but we went to go look at it. I stepped up to look at the tree and when I turned around to look at Chris, he was on his knee. It was the best moment of my life. My brother was hiding behind a pole taking pictures of us. Chris asked almost everyone, who I cared about most in the world, for their blessing. He even asked my mother who was in Afghanistan. I had no idea! It snowed not long after.

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