Cesily and Hayden

May 14, 2015 the proposal took place in Manhattan New York, Central Park. My Fiancé says wear your red dress and I say with red lipstick? Fiancé says yes red lips… Fiancé doesn’t like red lips because he cannot kiss me.


We get on the subway and land in the beautiful Central Park. We walked around for 30 minutes looking at all of our surroundings. Finally we walked back to the subway station where he said we would be meeting his parents again. After waiting for a few minutes a couple of what I thought at the time were random guys walked up to us and shook our hands. My fiancé then turned to me and asked if I had any idea what was going on, so I said no. Then he  told me that they they were photographers and that this was a surprise photoshoot for me! I said aww you booked me a photoshoot shocked he was so thoughtful to book me a photoshoot in Central Park. I love to model, major points for my love  I’m thinking. For about a couple hours we walked all over Central Park while I’m modeling and my now fiancé was giving me the raised eyebrow… Saying with his eyes you look absolutely beautiful. We walk up to this castle and down to a secluded forest like area full of greengage where we continued to shoot. He then decided to get in on the photoshoot… He took a few shots with me and then turns to me and asks me, “Do you know why I brought you here?” My mind raced with thoughts as he then proceeded down on one knee to pull out the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. As he took my hand and started talking I had completely lost it and the world had gone silent. The last part I remember is him saying ” I thank God for putting you in my life and I am so thankful to have you in it. Will you marry me?” Crying and shaken with tears in my eyes but ecstatic and of course in love I said, “Yes.”