Haven and Harper

how we met

Harper and I met when we were just 15 years old! One of our mutual friends introduced us, and to say I liked him would be an understatement! All throughout high school I had the biggest crush on Harper, but we were going to be going to college about 10 hours apart, so things never really worked out for us to date in High School. I would take any chance I could to see him even if the feeling wasn’t mutual!

Around our junior year of college, we reconnected after being home for the summer. We picked up right where we left off and started dating later that Fall! My 15 year old self was freaking out that I got to date the guy I had a crush on all throughout high school!!!

how they asked

Fast forward to July 18, 2019, the day Harper proposed to me and I had NO CLUE as what that evening held. My family and I were on our family vacation in Hilton Head, SC, which is a very special place to me! A few years ago my mom passed away very prematurely, and he knew that my mom, as well as myself, always loved the dock where Harper was going to propose. Harper had the opportunity to go with my family a few times and he saw how many memories we held there.

As I arrived at the restaurant (separate from Harper as he had gone to get a table I thought), he had flowers in his hand, and I thought nothing as this was something he did to surprise me randomly sometimes. We started walking down to the dock, and he was asking me very open ended questions. Once again, I thought nothing of it. Harper had always said in about 3 years or so we would be engaged and had even convinced me his lease in Charlotte was just renewed for another year! So I had no clue this was even in the works! All of a sudden Harper began a speech telling me how much he loved me and dropped down on one knee! I was lost for words, in total shock! I couldn’t even cry due to just being so completely surprised!

This day was one of the most magical days and I will never get over how special it was!

Special Thanks