Hasifa and Yinka

How We Met

My name is Hasifa and I am a former Miss. Uganda USA. Last year I competed for miss Africa USA and even though I came in second place, it was in that experience that I fell in love with my now best friend.
I met this awesome fella when I was a freshman in college. when we first met, he said, I will marry you, how many cows do I have to give your father?
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how they asked

After we met Yinka asked me out on dates for 7 years and For the first 7 years I said no.
In March of 2014 I finally said yes to go on a date with him. During dinner on our first date, I joked with him and asked, why am I here? With a straight face, he looked at me and said, ” because I want to date you so I can marry you.” by our 3rd date I decided I would marry him too…lol

Fast forward to June 12, 2015 and he is one knee asking the million dollar question. Without hesitation I say yes.

I said yes, not because it was the best proposal ( even though it was) not because of the ring ( though its awesome) but because I know who I am, I know who I have been, and I know who I want to become.

The person that I have been is the person he has been, full of faith and determination, challenged but never defeated. The person that I am today is overly confident just like him, full of pride, resilient and kind. The person that I want to become is just like him also, selfless, respectful and generous. Its hard to believe I never saw him in this light all of those years but I know I am a better woman for him now than I would have been those many years ago. On March 25th we will have our traditional dowry ceremony where he will give my father his cows and chickens and on march 26th, we will say I do in the presence of God, family and friends.

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