Harry and Zoe

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How we met

We met in high school and we were introduced by a mutual friend. The first time we hung out was a “surprise date”…Harry and our mutual friend Nick came by my place to pick me up and we were all going to hang out. Nick suddenly “felt ill” so Harry drove him home and as he got out of the car he flashed us a cheeky grin and wished us a good night and we knew we had awkwardly been set up on a date! We hit it off straight away and have spoken every single day since! Our relationship has grown into the most beautiful connection and we’ve done the most amazing things together, from traveling around the world, to buying our first home and my most cherished of all, being surprised with our fur baby, Ruby, our beautiful boxer! I’ll be forever grateful for that awkward first “surprise date” and Nick’s mysterious sudden illness…

how they asked

Harry is the most amazing guy, he’s ridiculously thoughtful, he always puts me first and he’s always doing things for me to make my life easier, which I appreciate more than I probably tell him. But he hasn’t always been the most outwardly romantic type, neither of us are big fans of pda’ so it was most definitely a huge surprise!

We decided we were going to go on a little hike through the Royal national park and have a picnic, I’d packed muffins and some protein bars but had forgotten water so the whole way he was complaining about how silly we were for forgetting! After about 40/45 minutes of hiking we arrived at a little clearing with a beautiful view of the beach, rolling green hills and the ocean, we set up our picnic rug and tucked into some food. Harry had bought a little speaker too so we had some beautiful music playing (asgeir, in the silence).

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I’m blind as a bat so Harry made sure I brought my glasses with me by telling me you can see whales from where we were going to be sitting (I’m a sucker for animals, he knew I wouldn’t forget them if it meant I might see some nature). We had been sitting there for about 15 minutes, talking about whales and how surprisingly good the muffins were without a drink when I looked down at the beach at what I first thought was a bunch of campers lining up for an activity, it wasn’t until they started moving towards us that I realised that it was a 7 meter banner with the words “Zoe, will you marry me?” I turned to Harry and he was holding the most beautiful ring I could have ever imagined and I asked him if he was serious and he answered “yes! Will you marry me?” I of course said yes, and asked him who was down there holding the banner and he answered “All of our friends, and Alex Hitchins behind us taking photos”!

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After I cried my most happy tears, laughed, hugged him and cried again, he put the ring on my finger, gave me a kiss and then of course I called my mum (who Harry had asked for my hand in marriage the week before-how romantic) and by the time I’d finished talking to her and telling her my amazing news, all of our friends had made it up the hill with a picnic, complete with water that he knew all along was coming-cheeky, and champagne and nibblies and our beautiful friends shared a picnic to celebrate with us, which topped off the most amazing morning of my life!!

I’m so impressed with the amount of effort and thought Harry put into his proposal (even down to the fact that he specifically didn’t tell our sisters just so I had someone to tell!) and I know he will continue to put the same effort, kindness and love into our future together as husband and wife, because I truly have the most perfect fiancé I could have ever dreamed of having. The last 8 years have been the best of my life and I’m so excited for the many more years and adventures I’m going to get to share with him as his wife!!

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