Harnoor and Vishaal

How They Asked

I initially was planning on proposing in Toronto on her birthday but she brought up the idea of a winter getaway to Mexico. We were looking at things to do and came across a bunch of cenotes. Eventually, I started looking for cenotes and when I saw cenote Suytun I immediately knew this was the perfect spot. Since we were booking last minute I started reaching out to local photographers in the area and came across @victorherrera. I told him I wanted it to be a surprise so we made a game plan on how we’re going to set it up… he even said he’ll bring his wife so it doesn’t look suspicious!

Harnoor's Proposal in Mexico

We arrived in Mexico Feb 6 but given Victor’s availability, the date was set for the morning of Feb 12, 2020. The whole trip I kept the ring on me at all times so she doesn’t see it in the safe or in the hotel room. Cenote Suytun was a 2-hour drive from our resort and I was able to find a driver (Carlos from CID Private Transfers) to take us there.

Harnoor and Vishaal's Engagement in Mexico

Once we got to Suytun there was a bunch of confusion but Carlos was able to get us in. It was almost empty and Victor approached us saying he’s a local photographer and asked if we wanted a couple of pics taken and we said yes. As he was taking pics of her I was behind her and got down on one knee. Victor told her to turn around and that’s when she saw me. The surprise was a success!

Once we left the cenote Carlos informed us that it was actually closed for a music video and that’s why we weren’t allowed in! He was able to convince them to let us in as I had this whole thing planned and we drove all the way here. It wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Victor and Carlos but thanks to them I was able to make the dream come true! Big shoutout to @diamondboi for the gorgeous ring.

The love of my life said YES!

Special Thanks

Victor Herrera
 | Photographer
Nuno Rocha
 | Ring