Harmonee and Kevin's Christmas Shoot Proposal

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How We Met

Our story isn’t completely romantic but it is our story. Kevin and I met back in the spring of 2011 at TJC, our local community college. I had made a friend in my A&P class that I would have lunch with before class and then we would sit next to each other in class. One day Taylor asked me what I was doing after class, and when I told her “nothing” she told me that she had a guy friend who had asked her to go watch a Brass Ensemble for his Music Appreciation Class and asked me to tag along. At first I tried to decline, but she convinced me to go. When we walked into the arts building Taylor introduced me to her cute friend Kevin. It was not love at first sight. We sat through the Brass Ensemble and the two of them teased and flirted with each other. When it was over we all walked to the Student Center where we all carried light conversation. However, when Kevin would talk to me he was real shy. When we parted ways I quizzed Taylor about Kevin, asking her if she was interested in him, and if he was single or not. She explained that she wasn’t ‘into’ him and that he had a complicated story with a girlfriend. I dropped the conversation and brushed it off, even though I wanted to know more about him. A day later he added me on Facebook. It didn’t start there though. He messaged me a couple of times and we talked small-talk, and then one day over the summer he asked me for my number. I gave it to him and when he texted me he asked me if I was going to be at TJC in the fall. When I said yes he suggested we meet up for lunch sometime. I agreed and told him whenever he was on campus to text me. So one day while sitting in my A&P 1 class I get a text from the cute boy asking me to go to lunch. I sat in the back of the class, so I quietly slipped out of class and went to the parking lot where he said he would pick me up. We went to Whataburger by our campus. I was actually pretty nervous because I was unsure if it was a ‘date’ or ‘two friends hanging out’. I decided I would see how it went and I ordered only a drink. It was a nice lunch, however he talked a lot about our friend Taylor and parties they attended. His social life was completely opposite of mine. I decided that our lunch date was only two friends catching up. However, when he dropped me off I texted him “thanks for the lunch” and suggested we do it again. He agreed but nothing happened again, except texts of small talk off and on. I actually dated another guy for a month afterwards. Fast-forward to January 2012 and our conversations are the same, until Kevin suggested we go watch a movie and get dinner. I decided that was going to be a date, and not friends hanging out. We planned on a day. The weeks before our date were filled with texts telling each other how we looked forward to our upcoming date. However, the day of our date came, and Kevin texted me canceling our date. He was nice enough to say maybe we can have a rain check, but I was furious and declined. Kevin started dating another girl a week later. A year and a half passed by of me dating different guys that never worked out, and him being with that same girl off and on. During that time I heard from Kevin a several times, asking how I was, how school was going, but nothing past friendly conversation. Fast forward to August 7, 2013 my 21st birthday. Kevin messaged me on Facebook and asked me if I had changed my number. I told him I did, and gave him my new number. Two and half months later after texting and snapchats he asked me out on a date, and I accepted. We go to two different Universities 85 miles apart so we decided to meet in the middle. Oct. 17, 2013 was our -second- first date, and the rest is history…

how they asked

His Story: To understand and appreciate this beautiful moment, you have to realize I spent four months convincing Harmonee that her proposal was not coming until the month of December, sometime around our college graduation. Harmonee had shared with me her desire to take Christmas photos this year. Knowing how much she loves Christmas, I agreed. We booked a Christmas photo session with Alison, a classmate of Harmonee’s on August 24th, 2015 for November 21, 2015. I immediately knew I would ask the love of my life to marry me on this day. Harmonee and I day-dreamed of becoming married to one another, in fact, we typically talked about the perfect engagement story and our future together three or four times a week.

The week of the planned proposal was exciting for me, all while filled with much anxiety. At this point, the ring was already purchased. Harmonee being my best-friend and knowing what I do every day, made keeping the secret much harder. Actually, there was a few times where I almost told her the exact plan, including the day before the proposal! Interestingly enough, my twenty-fifth birthday was November 20th, the same day I picked up the ring from the jeweler and the day before the proposal and our Christmas mini session. Harmonee’s engagement ring was the perfect gift to myself!

In the meantime, I called my parents and Harmonee’s family to share the proposal plan, and to say the least, they were very excited and happy for us. By Friday evening, I approved the idea with Alison as we coordinated a specific way for me to smoothly ask the BIG question. Alison’s job was to take a handful of Christmas photos, and then give me a cue to execute my plan.

We arrived early to our session, which took place at The White Sparrow Barn in Quinlan. On the way to Quinlan, Harmonee even taunted me by asking if I was sure I wasn’t going to propose to her. I laughed at her, and told her that I already told her that was not happening until December. Upon arrival, Harmonee went to the lady’s room, which gave me a chance to show Alison the ring, and she quickly snapped a few shots before Harmonee’s return. At this point, my excitement levels were out of control!

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We started taking the photos with the beautiful Christmas-themed props Alison had previously and artistically setup. Roughly ten-minutes into the session, Alison moved us to the center of the room, took a few standing poses and asked if “we had any ideas of photos we would like to take?”

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This question was the cue Alison and I planned beforehand. Harmonee and I glanced at each other. Harmonee quickly said “No”, and I replied with “I told you she was going to ask”. Harmonee again said “I guess not, why, do you have any ideas?” Nervously and knowing the question I was about to ask, I replied with saying, “yeah actually I do.” Next, I removed the ring from my pocket, went down to one-knee and proceeded to ask “Harmonee, will you marry me?” During this moment, time stood still, the room began to spin as it was a total and complete out of body experience for me, a feeling I will cherish for a lifetime. Harmonee, shocked as could be, replied back with “Oh My Gosh, YES”!

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Between my excitement, and the emotions, I can only imagine how Harmonee felt. This moment was shared with many joyful tears and a new level of happiness for the both of us. The best part being that Alison had captured this moment and we now have these photos to complement our love-story forever. As I placed the ring on Harmonee’s shaking finger, I felt secure knowing the proposal story was perfect and complete. To conclude my point-of-view, asking Harmonee to be my wife was the single, best decision I have ever made. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with this beautiful woman. Thanks Alison for capturing this precious moment!

Her story: Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year, and I told Kevin I would love to have adorable Christmas pictures taken this year to send out as Christmas cards! Kevin and I planned on taking Christmas pictures at this beautiful venue called The White Sparrow with Alison Faith Photography back in August. We’ve been excited and anticipating for our session to get here since paying for our session. Another exciting part was it was scheduled the day after Kevin’s 25th birthday. The White Sparrow Barn is located in Quinlan, making it a 1-½ hour drive from where we live.

Kevin and I often talked about our future together, and we would voice our daydreams of him one day proposing to me, often. However, he has spent the past several months telling me that he wasn’t going to propose to me until after we both graduate in December. But every once in awhile, I’d tease Kevin with “Are you sure you’re not going to propose to me today/this weekend?” He’d always respond with “Harmonee, we haven’t even graduated yet!” or “I’m still looking for your ring!” So on the way up there among our small talk, silly dancing and singing, I asked him, “Are you sure you’re not going to propose to me today?!” and he responded with the words I knew he was going to say. He laughed hard, and said “Girl, you’re killing me, It’s not even December yet!” I laughed too, and said, “I know, but I just thought I would ask.” We were taking our Christmas pictures. That was the plan. So I’ve been patiently (and not so patiently) waiting for Graduation to get here, knowing that a proposal was not going to happen today.

We arrived at The White Sparrow Barn a little early, and Alison explained to us that her session before us was running late, so we immediately started to take pictures. We took several pictures in different poses sitting down on the bench surrounded by beautiful Christmas props Alison had so artistically displayed. A few minutes into our session I noticed that Kevin was very into our pictures, he smiled perfectly, and kept telling me “I love you” in-between poses. I even mentioned to him “you’re really into taking these pictures, you keep laughing, and smiling!” He just laughed more, typical Kevin.

Alison then asked us to stand in the middle of the room to take some standing poses. After she took a few pictures she asked, “Are there any poses that you were thinking about, that you would like to take?” I respond with, “Umm, no, not really. I didn’t really think of any.” Kevin just laughed, and said, “I told you she might ask you that driving up here, you sure you don’t have any ideas?” I looked at Alison and then over to Kevin, and said, “I guess not, why do you have any Ideas?” Kevin smiled at me and said, “Yeah I do actually.” ~**this is where I noticed his hand in his pocket**~ *he simultaneously pulls a box out of his pocket, gets down on one knee and opens the box* and says the five words I have been dreaming to hear, “Harmonee, will you marry me?”

I was in complete shock at this moment! (In the back of my mind I thought to myself, is this really happening?! It’s not even December yet, Harmonee!) I immediately squealed excitedly like a little girl I said “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, YES!!!!” I spent the next moments laughing, and crying tears of joy as we both embraced the magical moment. Kevin’s face was priceless as looked at me with tears in his eyes, and smiling with the most beautiful smile! The Man of my dreams would now be The Man of my Dreams forever!

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Special Thanks

Alison Faith Owen
 | Alison Faith Photography
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