Harley and Zachary

Image 1 of Harley M and Zachary

How We Met

Zach and I met at work. It was my first day teaching an orientation class and I couldn’t get the projector to work. I called for help and he saved the day! He was able to get everything working right before my class started. (Later on he admitted that he had no idea what he was doing.) After my class he asked me to get dinner and we’ve been together ever since!

How They Asked

Zach and I have always shared a love for Christmas time. The lights, music, food, family, everything. After being together for almost 4 years, I thought for sure this Christmas I would get my ring. Much to my surprise, he proposed on Thanksgiving! Not only did I have to say yes to him, but also to baby Nora! She was definitely a surprise! Cannot wait to plan our Christmas wedding with Nora as our flower girl!

Image 2 of Harley M and Zachary

Image 3 of Harley M and Zachary

Image 4 of Harley M and Zachary

Special Thanks

Susan Jones
 | Photographer