Harley and Cody

How We Met

Cody and I met at a Luke Bryan concert about five years ago. I had no intention of meeting him since I had shown up with another guy friend. He and I hit it off and spent the entire night chatting as well me showing off my crazy hair swinging dance moves. Later that night I messaged him over social media and we later went on our first date.

how they asked

I was busy planning my 28th birthday party. Mimosas and donuts are some of my favorite things so I started planning a brunch. I invited all my friends and family. I also decided to make it a pajama party. So all my friends show up in adult onesies and their slippers. I was busy catching up with friends and family I hadn’t seen in forever while enjoying mimosas. Little did I know Cody was being pumped up by his friends as well as the help of some liquid courage.

People had been telling me they could see him proposing on my birthday, but with well over 20 people at our house, there was no way he would do something like that in front of so many people. So I knew nothing was going to happen. A few hours later Cody asked if he could give a speech, half the people there had no idea which made it 10 times better! He thanked everyone for being there to celebrate my birthday and with that, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the most perfect moment surrounded by everyone we love. At that moment I was also wishing I wasn’t in my robe and slippers, but I look back now and would not have changed a thing.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our backyard