Hantao and Jeffrey

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Jeffrey knew he wanted to make the proposal to his sweet girl extra special, so he planned a little scavenger hunt style game.

Hantao recalls “I went out on Sunday morning and was expecting Jeffrey to meet me when I returned home, but when I arrived there was no one there.

I walked in and was amazed to find the house was set up with photos of us together surrounded by rose petals in the shape of love hearts. This led me to instructions that he was sending me on a scavenger hunt! I was also instructed not to make any contact with Jeffrey which made me really curious and inquisitive.

I was tasked with finding the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that he had hidden throughout the house, I had to search the house for the missing pieces.

As I pieced the puzzle together, it revealed a message saying someone will be coming to pick me up.

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Expecting Jeffrey to be picking me up, I couldn’t believe my eyes when a chauffeured limo arrived outside. I sat in the back sipping champagne with no idea where I was going or what Jeffrey had planned.

The limo arrived at one of our favourite places the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, on arrival the driver passed me an envelope which simply read ‘Meet me at the jetty by the lake, love Jeffrey’.

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I got a little lost on the winding footpaths so I stopped a lady twice to ask for directions. Then I spotted him waiting for me on the jetty overlooking the lake and I made my way to him as quickly as I could.

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The jetty was incredibly beautiful that day – it was set up similar to a wedding with so many flowers leading me down an aisle to him. There was even background music playing.

We were both so excited and so nervous at the same time, then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him with a shiny ring!

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Image 6 of Hantao and Jeffrey

I instantly said “yes!”

There were simultaneous cheers and applause from several groups of picnicers in the park that witnessed the special moment unfold.

Image 7 of Hantao and Jeffrey

Unbeknown to Hantao, Jeffrey had also arranged for a professional photographer Leanne from Brischetto Photography to candidly capture her arrival and the proposal. He had instructed that the photographer remain hidden, so Leanne posed as a tourist while secretly playing paparazzi.

Hantao recalls “When I turned around, the very same lady who I had stopped for directions was there taking photos of us, it turned out she was actually the secret photographer!

I couldn’t believe that unbeknown to me the lady I had been asking for directions from had actually been capturing me as I made my walk down through the botanic gardens!

After all the excitement, we celebrated by taking a seat at the table and enjoying some champagne and cupcakes. It was so perfect and so romantic.

Cara from Brisbane Wedding Decorators tells us about the styling elements “We created an opulent setting with transparent ghost chairs and sparkling gold table linen complimented with an abundance of fresh flowers in peach and soft pink tones. We added gold charger plates for the cute little cupcakes and provided a beautiful bouquet for the newly engaged bride to be”

They enjoyed a glass of Moet and grinned from ear to ear as they looked in to each others eyes and took in the beauty of the moment.

Hantao was amazed that Jeffrey had pulled off such a thoughtful and beautiful surprise proposal and to have every special moment captured by a professional photographer was the icing on the cake!

After they had enjoyed some time alone to soak it all in, the photographer extended the shoot to double as an engagement photo shoot and captured some gorgeous shots of the sparkling bling and of the happy couple enjoying a stroll through the gardens.

Hantao concludes by telling us ”The day was truly amazing and I was overloaded with surprises! I always knew that Jeffrey didn’t want to give me an ordinary proposal, but I didn’t expect him to hire a limo, a professional photographer and even a professional team to help him with the set up! It was the most unforgettable day in my life so far and I feel so blessed and thankful to the teams who have helped us to make the day so memorable.

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