Hannah and Trey

How We Met

We met after a basketball game. We were 15. He had been playing and I was cheering. Even though he didn’t make eye contact with me during our entire first conversation… He later blew me some kisses from across the court. Although he may not have won the game that night, he definitely won this girl’s heart.

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how they asked

When you date a nurse with a million friends, that works two jobs, rotating shifts and has a color-coded planner that spells out every hour of her free days, it’s kinda hard to surprise her. But he was up for the challenge because, after 9 years, he knew all I wanted was a big old fashion surprise when the time finally came, to say YES! So, we set up “surprise dates”- aka. date nights that I had no say in what we did or where we went. Trey would tell me when to be ready and what to wear. I would squeeze out of him a few details just to make sure he was dressing me appropriately (because who actually let’s their significant other dress them). That week I was all flustered because we had set a surprise date, which I felt was unnecessary because we had just visited the jeweler who had said it would “be a while” before the ring was ready. I wanted a happy hour outside with my friends and a nice late dinner together- that’s my thing.

But he had other plans and I played along (kinda, not really). He picked me up at 8 pm, full of whiny-ness and complaints because it was already “so late”. We finally got to where we were going, and well, I had no clue where we were at. I knew then. He walked me out to the shores of Lake Erie (if you know us at all, you know that this is just my favorite spot to be). He covered my eyes the whole time we walked (to us this was also an inside joke that pretty much already had me in tears). He got down on one knee…It was the EASIEST yes I have ever said in my life. The weekend was nothing short of a dream. Kylie and her husband, Ben, our favorite photographers were there to capture the whole thing.

We left with beaming smiles- to a (late) happy hour and even later dinner reservation. The whole time, while I was trying to soak up the moment, I felt as if Trey was also trying to simultaneously move us along. Once again, in my head, I thought I knew what was going on. “Of course Trey has all my friends waiting up to celebrate,” I thought to myself… So while Trey was rushing me, I continued to tell him that our friends could wait. Sassy me, again, and also wrong me, again. (Oh how he entertains my crazy- so much). We finally leave dinner and head to downtown Cleveland… on the way, I am calling all my family and friends freaking out. My cousin, best friend, (soon to be matron-of-honor) isn’t answering, I was super confused because Trey had said he told all my friends and family prior. We walk into a restaurant, confused again because it’s past midnight and why are we going out to eat again?? (HA)

…well, this cousin…and her husband, are sitting in the back waiting for us. (Did I mention they flew in from southern Georgia to surprise me!!!!) Between my cousins from out of town surprising us that night, to an Indians game the next day with his parents, followed by a surprise engagement party themed “taco bout a ring” on that Sunday with so many people we loved (my best friend flew in from California and sister even came in from Georgia). We felt an insurmountable amount of love, leaving that weekend on a high, that I am pretty sure we still have not climbed down from.

Special Thanks

Kylie & Ben Bricker
 | Photographer