Hannah Marie and Quillan

Image 1 of Hannah Marie and Quillan

Quillan was determined to surprise me! I am terrible with surprises.. Admittedly I used to un-wrap and re-wrap my Christmas presents. He didn’t get me anything for Valentines day, which I was a little disappointed and it threw me off track even more!

February 15th we traveled to Homer, Alaska with some friends (my favorite place in all Alaska!). We rented a beach front condo to enjoy a long weekend. We settled into our place and then went out exploring. We went to my favorite beach and started taking photos (I didn’t think anything of it, we always took photo’s).

Suddenly, he bent to one knee, pulled out the most beautiful ring I had ever seen, and asked “Will you marry me?” I was so shocked I couldn’t even give him an answer. I just kept asking “are you serious? wait, for real? ARE you serious!!?”

Image 2 of Hannah Marie and Quillan

Our photographer friend caught my surprised face perfectly in a photo, and of course I said YES! It turns out I was the very last to know about my upcoming engagement. I called my grandfather in Wisconsin and he even knew before me that I was about to get engaged.

Mission surprise – accomplished!