Hannah and Jon

How We Met

As most of you know, Jon and I met 3 and a half year ago thanks to modern technology and what I like to call “The Interweb”. But some of you may not know that our paths crossed many a time and we never even knew it. We can thank Warrensburg, MO for that one- where true love was often discovered at closing time on Pine Street. Although Jon and I didn’t technically meet until after college, I think there was a beautiful reason for that– timing.

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Where to Propose in Vizcaya Gardens, Miami, Florida

I believe we fell in love with each other because the timing was right… When the time was right, we allowed ourselves to be open with each other and very vulnerable in a way that we couldn’t help falling in love with each other! I joke that if I would have met Jon at The Garage during our 4 years at UCM, we never would have dated. Why? Because the timing wasn’t right. But boy am I glad how the mysteries of the Universe work. Because look at us now– engaged and ready to start the rest of our lives together. Our lives have changed for the better because we fell in love, and I only wish I could send Time a thank-you card for bringing us together.

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Hannah's Proposal in Vizcaya Gardens, Miami, Florida

How They Asked

November 12th, 2018- The date that Jon finally came to his senses and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him– I joke, only partly :p

If I had it my way, as most of you know, we would have been engaged after a couple months of dating! I truly knew he was The One after a couple dates. That may be partially due to the fact that the second time we hung out, he brought my dad a watermelon. Who does that?!

As our story progressed, and many trips were taken, and opportunities passed, this is where our story really began: Miami, Florida

We had went down to Miami for a quick trip to visit Jons’ friend, Colby, who is in medical school. What better timing than when the temperatures in Iowa are nearing the single digits! I was just happy to be in the heat again! As always, Jon prefaced the trip with the usual “Don’t get your hopes up. I’m telling you now so you’re not disappointed later”. And, I believed him! Why? Because he told me over and over to 1) Trust the Process *eyeroll* and 2) It would happen when I least expect it. So, naturally, every trip we went on I was “expecting” it.

As the days passed, and good times were had, I honestly was not getting my hopes up. We decided to go relax at the rooftop pool after exploring for a bit and just hang out. Perfect! A short time later, Jon wakes me up and tells me he had booked us a private tour at the Vizcaya Gardens and I would need to get ready soon since we’d be going straight to a fancy dinner after that. (You cheeky little sneak, you)

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Olga, our “tour guide” who quickly revealed she was, in fact, a PHOTOGRAPHER! Her words went something like this: Jon says you’ve been nagging him for a while now *true* to get some photos done of you two! I’m so glad we’re going to make this happen today!


After taking some initial photos and getting used to being in front of the camera, Olga led us up these cascading stairs surrounded by fountains and ginormous trees littered with hanging moss. How was I still in Miami? Are we sure this isn’t Europe?!

Once the set up was done, and I was instructed to turn around and face Jon, there he was and time stood still. What a humbling experience to see the man you hold with the highest respect, down on one knee before YOU! Swoooooon. We were both a nervous wreck, but he mumbled something out along the lines of, “I completely forgot what I was going to say, but….” and there it was, the 3 words I’ve wanted to hear since day 1. And you know what my response was? FREAKING FINALLY! Followed by a wave of kisses and emotions I can’t even begin to describe!

We promptly finished off the hour with engagement photos, a lot more kisses, and shared smiles between the two of us that only we knew what the other was thinking. And it was perfect.

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