Hannah Faith and Dalton

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How We Met

I met Dalton in high school, in a class that I hated-but he quickly made it my favorite. We went to school together since elementary, but until junior year he was just the quiet guy that I thought was SO out of my league. When I found out through mutual friends that he had an interest in me, I thought it was a joke. Until he showed up at my door with flowers and was the first guy to come up to my door and knock, instead of getting a candid, “I’m here,” text. He had no problem getting to know my family quickly. So I began to think in the back of my mind that maybe one day he would be a part of it…

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how they asked

On the night of December 22nd, 2017, we went to look at Christmas lights in one of our local parks-on top of a WATERFALL! I love Christmas and the lights were so breathtaking, but nothing took my breath away like when my boyfriend of 4 years made it seem like we were taking a picture in this special spot.. (this is the spot that we first talked about marriage, years ago. It seemed like such a pipe dream then, but now it’s our reality!)

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When I thought my siblings were about to snap a picture, Dalton grabbed both of my hands and began nervously recalling the conversation we had in this spot years ago, and giving me heart-wrenching reasons why he loved me and would love me forever. Then he kneeled and asked me to be his wife! It sounds like such a clichè, but this truly was the best night of my life.

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