Hannah Erin and Nathan Thomas

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hannah's back porch

How We Met

I met Nathan in 2016 while joining a mutual friend for burgers at a local Irish pub. Over the noise of the crowd, I asked our waitress which band was playing that night and she responded with “Cheddar… but you don’t have to get cheese.” and walked away. That was the very first time that Nate and I laughed together and we haven’t stopped since. Over the years we became inseparable. We have enjoyed everything from nights out on the town to concerts to beach days but our very favorite thing to do was sit in the chairs on my back porch and listen to music while playing whatever games we could come up with.

How They Asked

Nate and I had been together for 2 years and 5 months when he proposed. It was Saint Patrick’s Day morning. We were sitting on the back porch enjoying the cool weather talking about things that I wish I could remember. I had left-over fried shrimp reheating in the oven. Breakfast of champions, right? Before I went in to take them out of the oven, Nate said “You know you’re my forever, right?”. My heart melted but I thought it was nothing more than a simple, romantic moment. As I carried the tray of shrimp outside, I watched Nate pace the porch back and forth looking very unsettled. “Is everything okay?”, I mumbled as I was chewing a shrimp. Disgusting, I know… but I had no clue this was the moment that would change my life forever. Nate walked over and took the tray from me, set it down, and grabbed my hands. “Do you really want to be my wife Hannah?” he said with the most sincere look I’ve ever seen on him. His hands were trembling. “Of course. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.” That’s all it took for him to drop down to his knee and ask “Will you marry me?” presenting the most beautiful ring I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’m pretty sure my heart exploded and I agreed to start my forever with the man my soul can’t get enough of. After that, we laughed, I ugly cried, he put the ring on the wrong finger. Naturally, this is us… why be normal now? The ring is so special to me as he had it made with his great aunt’s diamond. Our proposal was nothing grand. There were no fancy outfits, no expensive photographer, no friends and family running out to congratulate us but it was the definition of everything that makes us happy. Nate thought very hard about the proposal for a long time. He hid the ring in his hunting drawer that he keeps his ammo in knowing that I wouldn’t look there. Our proposal was in one of our favorite places focusing on each other which is exactly what I would have chosen. Since that day we have purchased and moved into our first home and parent a German Shorthaired Pointer together. We will be married in April 2020.

Hannah Erin and Nathan Thomas's Engagement in Hannah's back porch