Hannah and Chris

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How We Met

“The weather is going to be awesome tomorrow, wanna go on a motorcycle ride?” That’s how it all started. Two people and their passion for fun, adventure, and thrills. Chris and I had spent the first few months getting to know each other adventuring through Washington state on a Honda CBR1000RR (A dangerously fast and fun motorcycle, SORRY DAD).

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I was new to the Seattle area, so I looked for a partner in crime to show me what the beautiful city had to offer. I saw that possibility in Chris from the moment I met him. We adventured to to Snoqualmie Falls, Deception Pass Bridge, and Bainbridge island, and then we quickly realized that this new relationship was very different than anything we had ever experienced. As months passed, we grew closer together and fell further in love then either of us thought was ever possible. Whether we were rock climbing, traveling, mototouring, cooking, napping, obnoxiously dancing to Beyonce in the car, or just netflixing, we couldn’t shake that feeling that this was true love.

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Over the next few months, I had the pleasure of meeting Chris’ family and vice versa. It was surreal when for each of us the other one’s family felt like home. It’s always been incredibly important for me to know that my family loves who I love, and from the moment Chris was in our home, I could tell there would always be a special place in my family for him.

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how they asked

Before long Chris and I were talking about the possibility of marriage. I had two stipulations for Chris: 1) don’t propose over the holidays, and 2) make sure my nails are done! One Saturday morning, after months of begging him to, Chris took me out for an early flight over Seattle out of the Renton Municipal airport where they boarded a Cessna 172S.

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Chris, having his pilot’s license, flew me around to all over our favorite date spots. We were able to reminisce over our joyous times in the beginning of our relationship spent adventuring to these special Seattle spots. Reluctantly, Chris even taught me how to fly the plane myself, totally not legal–but entirely worth the thrill. After we landed, there was a big surprise waiting, but of course I had NO idea. After we brought in the plane, I was helping Chris check things off of the Flight Checklist. He even got me on my hands and knees chaining up the plane. The last item on the checklist was “Ring Engagement Secure.”

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Chris had made an exact replica of the official flight checklist just for this special day. After I read that, I knew within an instant what was about to happen. Although most of the next few moments are a blur in my head, I know that they were beautiful.

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Chris held me closer than he ever had before and dipped me (our signature move) before getting down on one knee. Chris promised to love me for time and all eternity, and through the tears, I was somehow able to give a very audible YES to the man of my dreams.

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I was so distracted by the beautiful and most precious ring he had picked out for me that I had forgotten to look around us. At this point, Chris told me to look over his shoulder and at that point I saw my sister, my best friend from my childhood and my two best friends from college in the distance. They had flown in from across the country to be a part of my day, and at that point I just lost it.

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Chris knew I wanted someone there to capture the engagement, but he went above and beyond by getting my best friend from Texas to fly up and be snapping photos the entire time. What a beautiful thing it was to share this special moment with some of those that I love the most.

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After all the hugs and many tears, and about four FaceTime calls to family later, we were blissfully engaged and beyond happy to start our new adventure together.

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We cannot wait to be married for time and all eternity on May 12th, 2017. Every couple has a love story, but ours is definitely my favorite.

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Special Thanks

Natalie Schulte
 | Photographer