Hannah and Charlie

Image 1 of Hannah and Charlie

How We Met

Charlie and I had our first date at J. Alexanders at the local mall the Wednesday before Valentine’s Day. We had been texting over the few days earlier, and we were both going out of town that weekend. Easy conversation flowed over drinks–Cabernet for me and scotch for me– for hours on end. After that, we were inseparable.

how they asked

The beginning of our forever started with a trip to the library. Charlie met me in New Orleans at the end of my business conference to celebrate our two-year anniversary. He told me he had a few surprises in store before our anniversary dinner. The first surprise, he told me, was last minute, a quick stop. We hopped out of an Uber and turned the corner to see what Charlie called a “library museum” that he knew I would want to visit. We walked into the library with rich mahogany walls and high domed ceilings as the perfect amount of sunlight seeped through the windows. “There are no books here,” I thought. Van Morrison hummed a familiar melody and I realized our song was playing.

Image 2 of Hannah and Charlie

Rose petals on the floor led to an enchanted rose illuminated by candlelight. Charlie took my hand, walked me to the rose and asked me to spend forever by his side– the easiest decision I have ever made! I’m lucky to say I get to spend a lifetime of special moments with the most thoughtful guy around.

Special Thanks

Stacey Asaro
 | Stacey helped make Charlie's proposal dream a reality! Charlie filled out a questionnaire about my interests, and together he and Stacey planned the most gorgeous Beauty and the Beast proposal! It was more than I could have ever imagined.