Hannah and Zack


how they asked

Zack is from a small town in southwest Virginia. He told me we were going out to dinner with a friend of his, so we get in the car and start driving. On the way, we pass the towns airport (very small). I joking said something along the lines of “Oh, look, it’s time for take off”‘. He pulls into the parking lot and I think he’s joking since I made a silly comment. He then tells me he actually booked a tiny plane for us to have a surprise date in and see the town from above.

I thought it was a really sweet and romantic gesture. So we get loaded up, take off and fly around for while. He says that it’s possible to see his grandparents house from above, so he starts to search frantically for it. The pilot takes a hard right and that’s when I saw “Will you marry me?” written on his grandparents lawn.


I immediately start to cry as he pulls out the ring from his pocket. I am still in disbelief he pulled together such an amazingly romantic proposal. I said “yes” of course!

Hannah and Zack's Engagement in In an airplane