Hannah and Zac

How We Met

Zac and I first met back in college. We both were on the soccer teams at our school. At the time, I was a senior and Zac was a sophomore. We were acquaintances at the time since both teams would hangout frequently. It wasn’t until Zac asked me out on a date that I realized I shouldn’t care about our age gap! This man was a real gentlemen!

How They Asked

Zac spent about two months figuring out how to propose to me. He spent a lot of time on the phone with my family talking about ideas. I almost even caught him when I came home from work one day! Zac and I were going to visit my family in Indiana for Thanksgiving, so he decided that it would be best to propose then with my whole family there to celebrate with us. It was the second day that we were there that my mother told us that my whole family should go out to dinner. Zac and I spent the day hanging out at the house and even went for a walk. We started getting ready for dinner and my older sister texted me and asked if I wanted to take some pictures of her and her family for a Christmas card. I thought nothing of this because I always love taking pictures of them! As I was about done getting ready she texted our family to meet her family down by the lake near my parent’s home. As we got near the edge of the lake I saw my sister there in sweatpants with a camera around her neck. I was so confused why she wasn’t dressed up for me to take her family pictures! It was then that I noticed a decorated bench by the water with candles and roses. We got out of the car and Zac walked me over there. There was a sign that said Marry Me? I was so shocked! I thought it was a normal day and we were taking pictures and going to dinner! He got on one knee and proposed! My sister documented the whole proposal! The dinner was meant to celebrate our proposal after! The proposal was so sweet and simple. I usually always know about surprises and secrets and Zac and my family loved that they were able to shock me! Zac knows how much my family means to me and it meant the world that he chose to propose and have them there to celebrate the next step in our relationship!


Special Thanks

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Adriatica Village
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