Hannah and Tyler

How We Met

I was meeting my best friend (and now bridesmaid!) Kaitlin to go watch a local hockey game just a few days after New Years in 2011 and Tyler was at the game watching his brother play (now the best man!) We had some mutual friends so we ended up hanging around each other for the game. I was 17 and Tyler was SO handsome and had real facial hair… I mean if you know him at all now you know he can grow a pretty mean beard. Nonetheless, I never really worked up the courage to talk to him and by the end of the night we both went our separate ways. The next night there was another game and Kaitlin and I decided to go watch again. Me, being…me, wore the EXACT same outfit as the night before thinking I wouldn’t see anyone I really knew, but of course Tyler was there again! I was so embarrassed but did my best to play it cool. My attempt to act normal was totally ruined when Tyler saw me and his first comment was a sarcastic remark about my lack of changing my outfit from the night before. Of course he would notice! I was convinced he wouldn’t take a second look at me. As the night went on we eventually ended up sitting together and hit it off!

Image 1 of Hannah and Tyler

how they asked

It was Sunday, August 16th, 2015 and both of our families had gone to church like most every Sunday. As we walked out of the service, our parents were talking about what they were going to do that day and everything seemed normal. Tyler and I headed back to my apartment so I could change into some clothes to go hike later. I threw on some dirty shorts, an old tank top and a camo hat and as soon as Tyler took one look at me he told me I better grab something nice to wear for later because we might go to dinner (it all makes sense now). For some reason he was letting me take my sweet time and even helped me make breakfast, but I still never thought anything of it. Once we got up to his house we took the Ranger down to the property that his parents had just bought for Tyler and his brother to eventually build on with their families. We walked around a bit talking about houses and the future and I even remember wondering if he was going to propose but convincing myself he wouldn’t because I looked so grubby, so much for what I thought! He asked me which piece of the property I liked the most and when I picked one out he asked me if I knew why we were there? My first reaction was because I thought we were going to build a house and Tyler just laughed and got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife, right there where we are going to build our lives. Not only that but then he informed me that our families and some friends were going to be up at the house soon to celebrate (good thing Tyler made me pack a nicer outfit). They all knew!!! It was the most amazing surprise and as most of our friends agree, it was about time!!! :)

Image 2 of Hannah and Tyler

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Special Thanks

Sydney Baye
 | Photography