Hannah and Trey

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How We Met

Four summers ago I flew into Charlotte NC from England to serve families affected by disability at a camp up in Flat Rock and that is where I met Trey. I was drawn to him when we first met with his lovely smile and sense of humour, even though we didn’t speak much that summer. We started to get to know each other better playing a game called spoons and I laughed like a little girl. Sadly though my time in America was nearing the end and I left to return home with jut the hope I would see him again next summer. Next year when I returned indeed Trey was at Joni and Friends Camp serving with his whole heart and dedicating his summer to serving families who needed a break and loving on their disabled family members – What a man! How many men do you see doing that? Again that summer we grew closer however nothing came of it as I soon went back to England and Trey had no form of social media. I texted him during the year but never heard back – little did I know all would be understood. Summer 2016 FINALLY before I left the Camp in Flat Rock he told me he liked me and he didn’t want me to leave America for another year without knowing how he felt about me and how he texted me but never heard back. Turns out neither of us put in the correct area codes meaning we never got each others texts! After that he took me to a Keith Urban concert which I loved, I’m obsessed with country music so it was the perfect first date. We did a bunch of other lovely things like watching an American football game, cooking tacos together, trips to target and eating copious amounts of Sweetfrog LOL – England really needs to get one! At the airport when I was about to go through security he asked if I would be his girlfriend and of course I said YES!

how they asked

I grew up having horses and have always loved being around them so I was SO excited when Trey told me he’d booked for us to stay on a horse farm for the weekend as an early birthday present for me. We drove up into the mountains to the most beautiful Farm in Columbus NC. We arrived Friday Evening so ate in Landrum and then went to bed. The next day (Saturday) we drove up into Hendersonville and had lunch, wandered around the shops and then it started to storm so we drove back to Columbus. There was thunder, lightening and ridiculous amounts of rain! I was a nervous wreck being from England we never have storms like these at home and I was convinced the earth was ending. Trey was a little on edge and I didn’t know why. He told me to get ready for dinner as the storm was passing and when I was dressed he took me to these beautiful stables on the farm. We walked through the barn past these gorgeous dressage horses and I told him how much I missed that horsey smell. He then popped into a side room and told me to carry on looking at the horses and he’d let me know when he was ready. Suddenly he appeared and walked towards me anxiously he held out his hand and said ‘Are you ready?’. Of course by this point I knew what was happening! He took me into a beautiful room full of professional horse pictures, trophies and rosettes won by the trainer and his lovely horses in the barn. Keith Urban was playing on a speaker which was in the trophy room and my stomach was flipping uncontrollably. He sat me down and confessed his love for me while I sobbed. He then popped the question with the most beautiful pear shaped halo diamond ring I’ve ever seen. I said yes and he then cried too! We then drove up to the Tryon International Equestrian Centre to watch the Saturday night lights show jumping and have dinner it was the most perfect weekend and I cannot wait for our life together!

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