Hannah and Timothy

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How We Met

We met in the Summer of 2016 while playing rugby for Princeton Athletic Club, located in South Brunswick, New Jersey. Tim is a very friendly and outgoing person, so he always made sure to talk to my teammates and me during water breaks and any downtime at practice. At first, I just thought it was cool to be friends with someone on the men’s team, but my feelings eventually changed.

One night, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw that my friend commented on an old photo of the two of them. I immediately wanted to know how they knew each other, so I tagged them both in a comment asking. Turns out, they’re childhood friends! I guess this was the icing on the cake for Tim because after that interaction, he added me on Facebook, and we started messaging each other. A few messages on Facebook about rugby turned into a few text messages about rugby, which turned into texting all day about anything and everything. Our conversations just started flowing naturally, and I didn’t want them to stop! Even my mom noticed because one day she asked me who I’m texting that keeps making me smile. 😬

The funny part is that even though we talked basically all day, I friend-zoned him for about a month (oops, sorry Tim) before I realized I really did like him and wanted to take this further. Clearly, he did a great job climbing his way out! After about 2 months of talking, he asked me to be his girlfriend and 4.5 years later asked me to be his wife!

How They Asked

We went down to North Wildwood (where Tim’s family has rental properties) for the weekend to celebrate Tim’s 28th birthday. What I thought was just going to be a casual, relaxing weekend turned into something completely different. Little did I know this was about to be the best weekend of my life (so far)!

There was a 10-mile race on the morning of the proposal (Saturday, April 17) that we signed up for! Tim absolutely hates running so looking back, I’m not sure why he thought that was a good idea, but he probably wanted something to occupy his mind. I’m just glad it all worked out and that neither one of us got hurt! I even set a new PR, so the day started off great and only got better!

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After the race, we stretched, showered, and sat around on the couch for a few hours. Eventually, Tim started complaining that he didn’t feel well (now I know it was just nerves) so I suggested we walk on the boardwalk and get some food. I knew we had dinner plans later for “his birthday,” but that was still a few hours away. We decided to each get a slice of pizza and then came home and just rested until it was time to get ready for dinner. Tim told me we were going to our favorite restaurant in Cape May, but that was just a decoy to make sure I was dressed (clever)! Since I always carry my water bottle around, I filled it before leaving. When we got to the car, he told me to leave it there and follow him. I was confused but just went along with it. We walked up to the boardwalk, and my mind was racing a million miles a minute. I complained that we ran earlier, and I didn’t want to walk, but he ensured me that it wasn’t much farther. At this point, my woman instincts started to kick in and I thought, “OMG, is he going to propose?”

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As soon as we approached the famous Wildwood Arch that says “Through This Arch Walk The Happiest People In The World,” he told me to turn around and read what it said and I immediately started crying. He was fumbling to get the ring out (poor guy), so I patiently waited for him to give me the okay to turn back around, to which I did, and started crying even more when I saw him on his knee. The rest is history!

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To add to the surprise, he organized for a photographer to be there, capturing this special moment! Our family and best friends were also on a rooftop overlooking the arch and filmed the entire process (you can hear my crying from the rooftop LOL)! We then had a two-hour photoshoot with Lisa (the photographer) and did eventually make our way to Cape May for dinner with everyone to celebrate. It was a super long, but the most special day. North Wildwood means a lot to us and now holds an even bigger place in my heart. 💗 💍

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Special Thanks

Lisa Rhinehart
 | Photographer