Hannah and Tim


How We Met

We met on a cool, crisp January morning, the first day back from Christmas break, 2013. This was our freshman year at Baylor.

As our professor called roll in our Christian Heritage class and asked what peoples’ favorite movies were, Tim noticed me behind him when I said, “here, and The Sandlot.”

I found out about a year later that he told himself then that he needed to remember my name.

The next class day, as I entered Tidwell Bible Building, I went up the staircase to the second floor. Sitting criss-cross in the hallway was a guy who stood up and introduced himself.

…Well, he said, “Hi! You’re Hannah, right?”


Feeling awful for not knowing this person who obviously knew me, I asked his name, and feeling a little bit like a stalker, Tim bashfully shook my hand. I invited him to sit next to me in class, since neither of us knew anyone else, and he did.

Class went on, and at the end of class, I offered Tim a piece of gum. He then proceeded to quote my favorite Office quote of all time as he chewed his own piece of gum. “No thanks” he said, “I think one step ahead, like a carpenter who makes stairs.” Amazed, I asked him if he liked The Office, and anyone who knows Tim, knows that he is THE biggest Office fan out there.

Impressed by my Office quote recognition, he asked to walk me to my next class. He found out that I had never been country dancing before, as I’m from California, so the next day we went on our first date to Wild West (a country dance hall) and shared a chocolate milkshake afterwards.

We dated throughout the rest of our time at Baylor, and even scored jobs in the same city after graduation!

Our first picture together:


At a 2013 Baylor Football game:


At one of our favorite Waco spots, the Suspension Bridge:


At my college graduation:


how they asked

Tim asked me to marry him on a hot September afternoon, 2016. We had spent the early afternoon at Magnolia and the Silos in Downtown Waco with Tim’s family. We were supposed to go see what the Baylor bookstore had in the way of Alumni gear to kill time before dinner, but unfortunately the store had closed early that day.

Keeping his cool, Tim suggested we get something cold to drink, since it was in the upper 90’s (and I am not the biggest fan of heat). We drove to Sonic and shared a watermelon slush and chatted about how we missed Waco and Baylor already–I had only graduated barely a month before this day.

I was still unsuspecting of a proposal, as everything seemed normal, and I assumed if that day was the day, Tim would have been more unnerved by his plans going awry.

We decided to drive around Waco and see some of our favorite places while we waited for Tim’s parents to be ready for dinner at George’s, a Waco staple.

*Little did I know, they were not getting ready for dinner, they were helping set up Tim’s proposal spot & preparing to take pictures from their hiding spots*

We drove near campus first, and then towards the suspension bridge, a place where we have many special memories. We admired the statues of longhorn steer and I commented on how they needed desperately to be cleaned. We even reminisced on the time Tim helped me climb onto one to take a Christmas card picture for my parents.

But as soon as we rounded the corner towards the bridge, Tim took my hand in his, and I knew what was about to happen.

Tim had rose petals and a table set up at the front of the suspension bridge. He had written a book and included pictures to tell the story of our relationship. which I was instructed to read.


When I had finished reading the not-so-short, illustrated story of our lives together so far, he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.



I said YES!