Hannah and Tim

Hannah and Tim's Engagement in Burlington, Vermont

How We Met

Tim and I met in a philosophy class when we were freshmen at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont. I thought he was cute, but I thought he liked my friend more than me since he talked to her more. I found out later that he was just nervous to talk to me. Nothing really happened and we went home for summer break, but the next year we kept bumping into each other on campus and I would make excuses to talk to him. My friends convinced me to invite him to a movie night we were having, and once he agreed to come watch Disney’s The Lion King with a group of girls, I knew he was a keeper. We made it official in December 2011 right before Christmas break, and I guess you can say the rest is history…

Where to Propose in Burlington, Vermont

How They Asked

This year was our five-year college reunion (at Saint Michael’s College, where we met) and we went back to campus for the weekend in June. All of my closest college friends went, and it was the first time we had all been back together since graduation.

We got there late Thursday night and stayed with a friend. On Friday we hung out on campus and waited for everyone to show up. Saturday morning Tim and I had a rugby tournament to go to nearby (we both play on our local men’s and women’s teams). After this, we went back to campus and were planning on heading downtown in the evening – the college had set up an event at one of the bars for our class.

Hannah's Proposal in Burlington, Vermont

My friend (and roommate all four years of college) Denise suggested heading down to the Lake Champlain waterfront first, then a brewery nearby, then to the bar. Little did I know that this was Tim’s idea, but he had Denise suggest it so I wouldn’t get suspicious. He also had her let other people know so they wouldn’t argue with the plan. (Oh, he also gave her the ring to bring in her purse.) As we started getting ready, my friends were changing and kept asking me if I was going to change too. I said that I hadn’t packed anything nicer than the tank top and jeans I was wearing and wasn’t really worried about it. Oops… (Also, when Tim and I were packing for the weekend, he had suggested packing a nice outfit to which I had refused, thinking it was completely unnecessary. My bad…)

My closest seven college friends, Tim, and I headed downtown to the waterfront. We took some group pictures, and then someone decided it was our turn and yelled, “Hannah and Tim!” He doesn’t love taking photos so I quickly agreed before he could argue, and went to stand by the railing with the lake behind me. He walked over and stood really close, facing me. He said how happy he was that he’d met me at college and other incredibly sweet things, and I just remember being so confused that he wasn’t turning around to pose for pictures. That’s when he got down on one knee, ring in hand, and asked me to marry him! I quickly said yes, started crying, and hugged him.

I looked over at my friends and some of them had tears in their eyes too. I hugged all of them, and then returned to Tim’s arms. When I’d finally calmed down, he told me that the stones in my ring were from his grandmother’s ring. And that’s when I started crying again.

From the location to the timing to involving all my closest friends to the ring, he nailed it. And I can’t wait to marry him.