Hannah and Taylor

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How We Met

Fate: be destined to happen, turn out, or act in a particular way.

It was a cold Friday morning in December as I sat in my bed, hoping for a teacher snow day to start my weekend an extra day early. By 6:30 am I had not gotten the phone call from Fulton Public Schools cancelling school, so I grumpily got myself ready for my last full day of teaching kids before finals week. Most know that my day to day P.E. teaching attire includes comfy sweatpants, a t-shirt, and a pony-tail… but not this Friday! I decided to ACTUALLY straighten my hair, put on a full face of make up, wear my Miss-Me jeans, converse, and my new Fulton Hornet crew-neck sweatshirt. I was excited to show off my new gear for Black and Gold Friday, and for unknown reasons, I wanted to look presentable on this particular day!

My teaching partner, Coach Washington (TEAM B.A. FOR LIFE) happened to call in sick, and the sub position had not filled. For the first hour, the ISS teacher had to fill in as the Boys PE teacher to help me manage two classes. By the middle of second hour, the ISS teacher got pulled back into his dungeon because a substitute teacher could now fill the open PE position. This substitute, was supposed to sub for the Speech teacher who had plans to leave on a field trip with some students and needed a substitute to stay back with the rest of her students. However, the weather was getting too bad for the bus barn and the field trip was cancelled. The Speech teacher stayed with her classes, and the front office offered Mr. Oestreich the PE spot for the remainder of the school day.

Taylor walked in the gym, dressed to impress, and introduced himself to me with poise. Taylor impressed me with his ability to meet a total stranger and keep the conversation flowing the entire time we worked together. I found out a lot – He was a FIJI at WWU, he loved Netflix, he was a die-hard Cardinals fan, he liked to have fun, he liked all kinds of music, and he too wanted to be a teacher! He shared his stories and I shared mine. He made me smile. He made me laugh. I knew it then that he was someone special. Overall- We.Just.Clicked.

I had met THE ONE at Fulton High School, where we both now teach together. He is now a Special Services teacher and I remain the girls PE teacher.

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how they asked

Taylor and I trained for a triathlon over the summer. He made a shutterfly book that had pictures of us with friends, family, sporting events, races, at brewery tours -all over the past 2 + years of our relationship. The last page was blank and said, “I’ve been needing to ask you something to continue our story.” “And this is where you say, ‘yes’ ” Taylor finished about 20 minutes before me and asked in front of our family after I finished the triathlon .

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