Hannah and Taylor

How We Met

We met through mutual friends during the summer of 2016. Taylor had just moved to Nashville for an internship a few days before and was not super thrilled when his friend decided to drag him to a birthday party. But man, am I glad he did. Taylor caught my eye pretty quickly, we hit it off and danced the night away. The rest of summer was filled dates all over the city. We played a lot of tennis, cooked a lot of meals, and spent a lot of time at Blue Moon Grille. We just clicked. We tried to play it cool during the fall, as he moved back to Kentucky to finish his MBA program, we didn’t “label things” and saw each other when we could, but if you asked anyone of our friends, they knew exactly what was going to happen. Taylor accepted a job offer in Nashville and officially moved to the city. I think I thought it was too good to be true. Little did I know…

how they asked

I was convinced I would know. I was absolutely convinced I would know the day Taylor planned on proposing. He would get nervous, bite his nails, trip over everything… He’d tried to pull off a big surprise for my birthday last year and it just failed miserably. But when I woke up on Friday morning, I had no idea. When we ate breakfast I had no idea. When we played tennis and went to the pool and got in the car to pick up my grandparents, I had no idea.

I wanted the story to be all him, however he wanted to do it. But my grandparents’ house in Indiana is my favorite place on this planet, especially in the summer. I grew up there. It’s the only constant house in my memories. It’s filled with moments from every year since I was born. I would tell my sister that “if I would propose to myself, I would propose on the dock.” It has been something I had dreamed, but never actually told him.

Taylor caught wind of this dream, and as he began to put a plan in motion, he figured out that all of my family and family friends would be in town on Memorial Day Weekend. So it all fell into place. Fast forward to the day of. Taylor and I are in the car, on the way to pick up my grandparents for a “nice family dinner”. We get to their house, I yell ‘hello’… no answer. Taylor suggests that we look for them on the patio… We walk towards the back door, and finally, I start to catch on. I could see through the windows that there were flowers set up on the dock. My heart started beating out of control.

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We walked outside, I remember asking “are you serious?”, he smiled, took my hand, said a slew of wonderful, beautiful things, led me out to the dock and popped the question!! I said (or squealed) (or screamed) YES, and the tears STREAMED out. I couldn’t believe it! It couldn’t have been a more perfect night.

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After I said yes, I turned around, to see my family, Taylor’s parents, and some of my closest friends cheering and crying, and popping all the confetti! We spent the rest of the night on my favorite back patio and ate all the best food, just like any other fantastic Indiana summer night. But a whole lot better.

Special Thanks

Emily Wehner