Hannah and Taylor

How We Met

Taylor and I met in high school, where he was two years ahead of me. He didn’t know it at the time but I would go to most of his soccer, hockey and lacrosse games just to watch him play. He’s an incredible soccer player!

Before he graduated, he had enlisted in the military, and I remember clear as a day seeing him in uniform for the first time walking down the halls of our high school and thinking to myself “he’s the one, he just doesn’t know it yet”. Right after graduation, he left for all of his training, and I didn’t really think much about him.

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I was a senior, in PE class when he came back from his Advanced Individual Training. He was standing in the doorway of the gym, I looked at a friend and said “who is that?”, he quickly responded, “oh, that’s T”. He didn’t look like the Taylor I remembered, he had bulked up, looked way more mature and older than I had remembered him. I liked it though.

Hannah and Taylor's Engagement in Williston, VT

Within a year of that moment, we were dating. We stuck together while he was away for school in Pennsylvania and while I was away attending college in Massachusetts and through all of his military training over the years. Which has led us to this moment!

How They Asked

Taylor had a good friend of ours, whose name is also Taylor (Bergeron) and who is in his unit for the military convince me that he was receiving an award this month at drill.

This all started after our trip with the Bergeron family to Disney to visit Taylor’s brother at the beginning of November.

While we were flying home, I received a text message from Taylor B. saying that Taylor was going to be receiving an award at drill this month, but that he didn’t know about it and I had to keep it a secret. Secrets are hard! I did it though, I didn’t tell him! I was told what day and time to be to the armory and that while we were waiting for final formation, I would be helping the Commanders wife, mom and Taylor B’s wife Emily make cookies. We ended up inviting Taylor’s brother and sister-in-law to help with the cookies, really Taylor told them what was going on, so they were there waiting with me.

We made cookies, and during that time, I had seen Taylor a few times, nothing seemed different about him. I also had to talk to his Commander, who instructed me on exactly what I had to do. Be to a certain spot in the armory, by a certain time, grab the award, walk towards Taylor, present the award, then we would be done. It all sounded easy enough. I was nervous though because I had to do it in front of all of his unit. No pressure.

When the time came for final formation, I went and found Taylor B. and asked if he could stand with me because I was nervous and didn’t want to mess anything up He said yes. I picked up the award and it was go-time. The Commander called Taylor from the group, Taylor B. tapped me on the shoulder and told me to go and I started walking forward.


Before I knew it, I was standing in front of Taylor with this award in my hand and a big smile on my face because I was so proud of him and then he dropped to his knee. His hand was shaking so bad as he opened the box that my ring fell on the floor! I giggled because it was only something he could have done. That’s when I realized what was happening. He picked it up, looked back up at me with the biggest smile, but no words. The Commander leaned into Taylor and whispered “this is where you say something” Taylor turned back to me and goes “this is where you say yes”. I got “yes” out somewhere between the tears and the gasping for air.

Next thing I know, everyone is cheering and we are surrounded by members of 1st Platoon, who are the men and women that Taylor has been training with.

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