Hannah and Tanner

How We Met

Between fraternity & sorority events, social gatherings, and mutual friends, Tanner and I were always around each other in college. We might have always caught each other’s eye, but it wasn’t until we had a couple of classes together when we really hit off (thank goodness for Tanner’s 5th-year victory lap!). Tanner and I became really close friends through working on group projects together. We started talking and hanging out constantly and even invited each other to each other’s sorority and fraternity formals.

We might have been dates, but at this point, we were strictly just really good friends. Every time we hung around each other we just had so much fun together and we were so comfortable around each other. Fast forward a year later, Tanner is secretly talking to my close friends telling them how he really feels about me and that he wants to take me on a date. With it being my final semester of college, I was not looking for a relationship. When my friends tried to talk to me about Tanner, I would always tell them no, we are just friends.

A couple months later, Tanner called me while he was at his friends’ wedding, and laid it all out there how he felt about me. He said, “Just give me a chance to take you on a date. Where it goes from there it doesn’t matter, but give me one chance.” So, I gave him a chance. A week later he was picking me up for our first date. Our friendship quickly turned into a relationship and has been growing ever since!

how they asked

November and December are always crazy busy for us. We are constantly traveling to visit family, friends, and attend Holiday parties. Because of this, I did not make the planning process easy for Tanner. I am usually a very go-with-the-flow type of person, but it was our one weekend to not have anything to do. Well, Tanner found out that his uncles from up North were coming down to visit with his parents. We wanted to go visit with them as well, but Tanner than sprung on me that they wanted to go up to North Georgia to go to the wineries and we were going to meet them there. Since my parents live up there and we had already been there two weekends in a row, I gave him a good bit of grief before agreeing to go. The week of the proposal was a stressful week for Tanner. He went and designed the ring, drove two hours to ask my father for his blessing, picked up the ring, and coordinated with all our family and friends for the big day – all while hiding it from me.

Day of the proposal, we are driving up to North Georgia and I am constantly asking him what they plan is. “Are we going to go to dinner first, are they meeting us there, are we going to more than one winery?” Tanner was being quite this whole time (which is not like him). Finally, we arrive at my favorite winery because it has the prettiest views. We get a glass of wine and get a table outside on the patio while we waited for his parents and uncles to arrive. Tanner suggests that we should get a picture before the sun goes down “because I look pretty”. Unknowingly of what he was trying to do, I pulled out my phone to take a selfie. He said no, let’s go somewhere with a better view. We walked to about three different spots before he decided on a good spot. We took our selfie and then Tanner started talking about his love for me and got down on one knee to ask me to be his wife. I immediately dropped my phone and starting bawling my eyes out.

As this was going down my oldest sister ran up to us and started taking pictures of the proposal. We walked back up from the vineyards to the patio and all of our family walked up with flowers, gifts, and hugs. Needless to say, there were a lot of tears that were flowing from everyone. We stayed at the winery for a little while until it closed. My mom suggested that we should go to the winery down the street because they are open later. Once we got there and I opened up the doors, all of my closest friends were standing there cheering. Again, I bawled my eyes out. There was food, a band, and decorations. We celebrated all night long!I think it’s safe to say Tanner planned such a special proposal that I will always remember.

Special Thanks