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How We Met

We can’t help but laugh every time people ask us the common question of how it is we met. To our own disbelief, we found the love of our life on Christian Mingle-what a story to tell our grandchildren. ;) The background of the story is even more comical, as Hannah’s purpose of being on Christian Mingle was as a complete joke. She was having one of ten million sleepovers at her best friend’s house on a random school night in 2015. “I just want to restore my hope that there’s STILL a good Christian man out there that loves the Lord, is handsome and ready for a relationship,” Hannah claimed.

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What bright idea came from this? Making about three different fake profiles on Christian Mingle, because it couldn’t hurt, right? After those profiles, she thought making a real profile wouldn’t do any more damage. Thankfully, that very first night a handsome young feller that loves the Lord did indeed send a message her way…and the rest of their lives were forever changed. A big thanks to Christian Mingle for being the best last resort our relational search could have used.

how they asked

Oh our engagement…There are so many different factors in the happenings of our getting engaged. We started our weekend with a few family days up north. We spent two days boating, having bonfires and indulging in too much food, just like usual. Steven’s baby sister Aspen and her Oklahoma friend had come up to Wisconsin to visit for a few days. We enjoyed the company of the Hensler family, and amazing friends for our extended weekend. The plan from then on had been for Steven and I to head down to Iowa to visit his maternal grandparents for a few days. Steven suggested this idea spontaneously near the end of the week, but I thought nothing of it as we had talked about utilizing any free time we had coming up to go visit them.

Aspen and Mackenzie were set to follow us down on Memorial Day, stopping on their travel back to Oklahoma. We spent our first day in Iowa catching up with the grandparents, and eating all of the delicious food Grandpa Herman is known for preparing. While catching up with the well adored couple in our life, Grandpa had gone on and on about Steven taking too long to put a ring on my finger. These comical conversations didn’t give any hints away, as mine and Steven’s entire relationship consisted of this playfulness from Grandpa Herman. The next morning Steven and I spent exploring the surrounding areas of his old stomping grounds. We took a beautiful three mile run (mainly for Steven to appease me) along the Mississippi River.

Afterwards, we stopped to take pictures crossing both the Illinois and Iowa borders (also to appease me). Returning back to Grandma and Grandpa’s we clonked out on the couch for a nap after our big day in Iowa. By the time we got cleaned up, Aspen and Mackenzie had arrived just in time for delicious Happy Joe’s Pizza. Later in the evening, Grandma had explained that we were going to take Aspen, Mackenzie, Steven and I through the well known fairy garden in their yard. I had been through the fairy garden recently, so Grandma told me she was entrusting me to test out her new additions. When the sun had just finished setting, Grandma, Grandpa, Aspen, Mackenzie, Steven and I made our way out to the front yard for our venture through the garden.

I put my hand on Steven’s back on the way out, commenting to him on how sweaty he seemed for being in the air conditioner. Lucky for him, I don’t put things together like that. We stopped at each designated area of the garden, listening to the stories and significance behind each spot. Getting to the middle of the garden, Grandma needed a volunteer to ring the bell and welcome the fairies in. After Steven rang the bell, it was time to move on to the wishes. Getting a fistful of glitter, each of us four threw it above our heads to make our wish. Next, we started to open the letters we received from the fairies with our new fairy names. Steven led us off, getting the new laughable name of Kailyn, standing for great strength.

I was up next, being handed my letter from Grandma. Once I opened and started reading my fairy letter, I could no longer hear Grandma off to the side egging me on to read it out loud to everyone. My letter read: “You don’t get a new fairy name, because your new name is going to be Mrs. Putty Hensler.” Needless to say, my heart fell to the floor. Once Steven realized I read far enough into the letter, he got down on his knee in front of me.

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Instantly I freaked out, asking him over and over in my girliest high pitched squeal if he was kidding. He ensured me he wasn’t kidding, and asked me to marry him. Little did I know, this lucky lady never realized throughout the entire weekend that something big was coming.

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I never assumed Grandma and Grandpa had worked with my love to plan all of these intricate details, blindsiding me completely.

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Our engagement evening was truly magical, more than anything I could have ever imagined and dreamt for. Now, we move toward the next beautiful and God given chapter of our life together.

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Grandma Lady also did us the honor of writing a blog announcing our engagement here.

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