Hannah and Shadd's Picture Perfect Proposal in Australia

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How We Met

For a few years before I (Hannah) met Shadd I knew his family through my church. After a few years Shadd started attending the same church as his family (and me). I thought he was cute and always tried to make sure I’d get a chance to talk to him before or after the service. After a couple of weeks we started chatting a lot on Facebook, and hanging out in group settings. Over time we began hanging out with just the two of us and after a couple of months getting to know each other, we officially started to date.

how they asked

A month or two before Shadd proposed he said to put the 24th of December aside so we could spend the day together and go to one of our favourite places for a small hike and picnic, before the made rush of Christmas. When he said this I immediately thought that there was the potential for it to be ‘the day’. However, I kept my calm and didn’t mention anything. The week leading up to the proposal I noticed that the weather was going to be hot and I explained to Shadd that I didn’t think hike would be suitable due to the hot weather. Shadd was totally relaxed about it all and said “that’s fine we can go to Mornington Beach (the place where we had our first offical date) instead”. Due to his cool and calm collected matter I was convinced there was no way he was proposing that day, as his previous plans would have been ruined.

Having Fun

That morning we drove to Mornington and Shadd was so relaxed and being his normal silly self, I was again convinced that the day was just a nice day out. When we got the beach I was ready to set up our picnic at the closest area, but Shadd kept saying we had to walk down further away from everyone. Once we got to the perfect spot we had a lovely picnic that Shadd had prepared. Once we had eaten we headed down to the shore to dip our feet in. At the waters edge Shadd and I were just chatting and enjoying each others company. At this point in time the thought of Shadd proposing was the last thing on my mind.

Shadd then gave me a hug and said to me “Remember how we had our first date here?”. Before I could reply or knew what was happening Shadd started to get down on one knee, I was so surprised, I burst into tears.

Marriage Proposal in Australia

Marriage Proposal in Australia

Once on his knee he pulled out a ring box and said “Hannah will you marry me?”. At this stage I was crying so much that I couldn’t even reply, after what probably felt like a life time for Shadd, I composed myself enough to say “Yes!”.

Big Hug

Proposal in Australia


Walking to the Water

After we had a moment, Shadd told me to turn to the beach and I saw his Best Friend Sam enthusiastically waving, with his camera in hand. I was so excited as I had always dreamed of our proposal being caught on camera.

Having the proposal so close to Christmas was great as we got to tell and celebrate with our extended families in person at our Family Christmas gatherings.


Special Thanks

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