Hannah and Seth

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How We Met

When I was 4 years old, the cutest kid I had ever seen walked into my church. Being a few years older, he was way to cool to notice me, but Seth quickly became best friends with my brother. The two were practically inseparable all through middle school and high school, and I would often follow them around and pester them like any good little sister. It wasn’t until the week before Seth left for college that he first truly noticed me. Of course, it wasn’t much more than a passing thought at this point, and he basically forgot about his best friend’s baby sister for the next 3 years. After Seth entered a serious relationship while away at school, I eventually let go of my childhood crush and moved on. The summer after I graduated high school, Seth had broken off his previous relationship and came home. We reconnected but nothing developed beyond friendship. Over the next year, I continually denied to my family that there were any romantic feelings between us, but it was quite clear that Seth did not share my denial. When he admitted to my brother that he seriously liked me, there was a bit of predictable tension between the two! Seth was beyond persistent though, and worked up the nerve to talk to me about his feelings.

I was so shocked that this perfect guy saw something in me, that I quickly squashed his heart and informed him that he was eternally friend-zoned. Again, he would not be denied! He wrote me notes, asked me on walks, talked to my dad, showered me with presents, and appeared at my work quite regularly! After much soul-searching, I realized how ridiculous I was to resist my life-long affection for him. I finally admitted my true feelings, and though we didn’t date immediately, we deepened our friendship. After a few months, Seth surprised me by agreeing to run an 80 mile relay race with me. (I was the distance runner, he was the sprinter). After we finished, he suddenly whisked me away, with all my fancy dresses packed in secret, and took me to a sweet dinner where he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was on cloud-nine!

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how they asked

Seth and I had been dating for almost eight months and our one year anniversary of me finally admitting I liked him was approaching. Seth asked if I wanted to celebrate by going back to the parade we attended on that momentous day. I happily agreed, and looked forward to the fun! Unbeknownst to me, Seth had asked my little sister to convince me to go get our nails done, and I (mostly) fell for her silly excuse. Unfortunately, I came down with a terrible head cold, and was feeling worse and worse as the weekend approached. Seth was especially concerned about my condition, but I assured him that I could still handle a nighttime, freezing, December parade. Saturday arrived, and I was physically a mess. I didn’t want to miss the parade though, so I brushed off everyone’s concern and agreed to meet Seth so we could go to the parade.

However, when I showed up at the meeting spot, Seth was nowhere to be found. Instead, I saw someone very familiar running, in a suit, across the parking lot towards me. My closest brother, also Seth’s best friend, suddenly appeared in front of me! I was so shocked, because Lucas had recently moved 6 hours away, and I had no idea why he was in town! I hugged him as he declared that he was my chauffeur for the night, and was here to help celebrate my college graduation and decision to get a Master’s degree. Lucas is quite the persuasive one, so I bought his explanation. Lucas then drove me to the cutest little restaurant in our city that overlooks the parade street, and I expected to head in for dinner. However, I began to grow very suspicious when Lucas instead led me to a the 3rd floor of the building, which I knew to be mostly vacant.

When I reached the top, Lucas disappeared and I was met by my oldest brother who offered me a choice of dress and led me to a prepared bathroom fully equipped with makeup, shoes and accessories. I was really freaking out at this point, and I hurriedly dressed and checked my makeup again. As I emerged, I was led to the most magical room I had ever seen. When I saw Seth standing there, the tears began to fill my eyes. Seth sat me down on the couch he had somehow managed to get up there, and showed me a video journal he had been making for me for the past 10 months. (Yes, he had been making it before we even started dating!). I bawled my eyes out for the next 25 minutes, as I watched clip after clip of Seth sharing his love for me.

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He then led me to a gorgeous little table, and read to me from his journal- which contained a letter he had written over 2 years ago. I was beyond speechless.

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It was at that point he picked up the magical box and turned to look at me. He started to speak, but we were both crying so words became a little challenging. He then got down on one knee, and asked me to spend forever with him.

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I barely remember saying yes amidst my tears, but it was clear that we were definitely getting married!

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I expected the night to be over at this point, but Seth threw open the door, and all of my family and friends, even those who lived out of town, poured in to the room. With their help, Seth had set up refreshments and a party for the whole group! As Seth gave a speech, and we toasted to the beginning of our new family, I knew that forever would not be long enough to spend with the man of my dreams.

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Special Thanks

Kalyn Waller
 | Photographer