Hannah and Sam

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How We Met

Sam and I met when we were in 4th grade during Sunday School when my family and I started going to a new church. Throughout the years our families became good friends, and we also grew closer. In 2014, on the way home from a cheerleading competition Sam asked me to be his girlfriend.

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From there we have gone on many adventures together and with our families. Our favorite place to explore is Bar Harbor and we usually travel there multiple times a year. Sam and I have been together for seven years, and we can’t wait to take this next step in our adventure together.

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How They Asked

In November, my best friend and I decided to plan a time for us to take photos of each other during a mini shoot she was doing for her photography business. We knew we wanted to wait for the snow to fall and for school to be done. We decided to do this photo session on December 12, 2020. After arriving at the tree farm with Sam, we started a typical mini photo session. Rylee began to take photos of Sam and me, and I took photos of Rylee and her boyfriend. Rylee then decided she had a couple more poses she wanted Sam and me to do. That was when Sam got down on one knee and pulled out a beautiful ring. Then he said, “I want to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. Hannah Foley, will you marry me.” He had been planning this photo session since November, but I had no idea. I thought I was the one planning this entire session. This is the best surprise that Sam has ever planned for me. I can not wait to marry my best friend.

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Special Thanks

Rylee Warman
 | Photographer