Hannah and Ryan

How We Met: From the age of 12 years old I knew that Ryan was the one. From the very first day that we met 14 years ago when he moved into the house next door.

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(Our first holiday together 17 years old)

I can still remember the first day that he moved in, watching from my playroom window as his family moved into the house next to me. My new next door neighbours, two Brothers, 1 older & 1 younger, a sister who I have grown up with and has become my best friend, his parents and a whole array of animals! On that very first day, I remember playing ‘out the front’ trading Pokemon cards and asking his sister Kerry if her brother had a gf. From that day on our friendship and feelings for one another grew.

When we were younger I remember constantly pestering him to be my gf and following him around like his shadow whilst he would do his paper round until eventually one day he said yes despite his concerns that we were too young.

Although we were young we grew together as a couple and overcome various hurdles within our relationship through school, college, uni to the present date, 10 years and going strong!

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how they asked: The proposal took me by complete surprise! Despite many suggestions from friends that they thought Ryan might propose this year I had been adamant that because we are in the process of saving for a house it would not be this year.

For the very same reason with the house we had decided that for this year we would only go away for a short break to Lake Garda in Italy. Prior to our departure I had been researching things to do in the area with a friend to ensure that we made the most of the little time we had there and she had advised that it would be possible to book a day trip to venice. This was perfect for me as it was somewhere that I had always wanted to go! Having spoken with Ryan we agreed that this was something that we would both like to do.

In the meantime and un-beknown to me Ryan had purchased a ring the week prior to our trip. This was not planned as he had sent some designs in to several jewellers 3 months earlier and was waiting for the right ring to arrive so that he could propose on our 10 year anniversary in August of this year. (He has remembered a design of a ring that I had shown him a few years prior.)

On our plane journey over to Italy Ryan decided to himself that there was no better place to propose than Italy and once we had landed he text his mum and sister to organise for the ring to be shipped to our hotel so that he could propose on my birthday in Venice.

The day was organised by our tour company to ensure that we made the most of our day in Venice. When we arrived we had a 30 minute gondola ride which is where Ryan had initially planned to propose however once we were on the boat we were sat with 2 other couples and the timing just wasn’t right.

From there we had lunch with the group and straight after we were given two hours free time where we could stick with the group or use this time to explore for ourselves. As it was the first time either of us had visited Venice I was happy to stay with the Guide but Ryan insisted that we use the time to explore.

After some persuasion and instructions from the guide we made our own way to the Rialto Bridge (the oldest bridge in Venice) which was very beautiful but too crowded for the special moment as I later found out. Having taken some snaps Ryan asked if we could find somewhere quieter so we walked around the corner so that we were now facing the bridge as opposed to being on it.

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(The spot where Ryan Proposed, overlooking the Rialto Bridge)
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Ryan started to talk about how he thought it was strange that the doors opened straight into the water and asked me to take a look at a house just around the corner. As a turned back around to face Ryan (and apparently it was very quickly) he was going down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so shocked at first that my initial response was ‘Are you joking’. After the initial shock had sunk in I said ‘Yes of course I will Marry you’. Straight after we called immediate family and bought some Champagne Bellini’s to celebrate by the water, followed by a tour of the lagoon where Ryan announced to the tour guide that we had just got engaged. Shortly after this was announced to the whole boat and we received lots of cheers and clapping.

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