Hannah and Ryan

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Unity Villlage

how they asked

The actual proposal took place Saturday, June 16th. However, Ryan’s birthday was Sunday the 17th – we had planned that week to go to dinner with my family to celebrate Saturday evening. My sister informed me we were going to a park somewhere close to take pictures of the family for Father’s Day, (Which seemed odd the day before Father’s Day) and invited me to go with her to get our nails done the morning of. This all started to seem a little off to me – so Friday night I called my best friend (who had no idea at the time) and told her that something was up, and I thought Ryan might propose Saturday night.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Unity Villlage

So, Saturday evening rolls around and we are headed to Ryan’s “birthday dinner” and all is normal. We eat, everything is fine and seems normal to me, my sister is telling us, someone, she went to high school with us taking our pictures and we are going to unity village.

At this point, I’m sold on family pictures, and nothing is happening. So everyone leaves and Ryan tells me he forgot something inside so he goes back into the restaurant for about 5-10 minutes as I wait in the car. He returns and we head over to Unity Village and he’s taking the long way around which made no sense to me, I kept asking why he didn’t go the obvious short way around?

We get there and I’m in a hurry to meet everyone since we are “late” and we come around the corner and I see his sister off in the distance with a camera- I thought “why is Kaylee here?” – then the closer we get I see his family and mine and my best friend and her husband all waiting and it hit me. I had a sudden rush of confusion, nerves, and excitement all at once!

Ryan took me in front of a bench my sister had decorated with flowers, photos of Ryan and I and a sign he made! It was so sweet and I’m so glad our families were there to be a part of it! Special props to Ryan’s sister and brother for getting such awesome shots of the event! – Bring on the planning!!

Proposal Ideas Unity Villlage