Hannah and Robert

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How We Met

The day was August 5, 2013 in Huntsville, Texas. My family and I were running late as we stopped to get McDonald’s breakfast on our way to Transfer Orientation at Sam Houston State University. To be honest, the only reason I went that day was in hopes that I would meet new friends to know at least one person when I transferred. I had been at a junior college up until then, so it was a huge deal for me to at least know some faces when I transferred. As we all gathered into groups based on our Major, we went to tons of different presentations and did so many “ice-breaker” exercises that I was dreading why I even showed up. It’s a blur how the exact moment actually happened, but I specifically remember walking down the hallway of the building we were in and hearing Robert ask me what my name was and what school I was transferring from. I didn’t think much of him at the time since I genuinely wanted to make friends at this event to “know” people when I started school in the fall. Robert was always very friendly and even from the first day I met him, he was unlike any man I had ever met. He gave of this confident vibe that I had never seen before. We didn’t talk much until school started. Fast forward to the first day of classes, I remember looking up from my phone and seeing him in the hallway outside of our entry-level Mass Communications class with Dr. White. We ended up sitting next to each other in that class and that class is still to this day one of my favorite memories with him. I began to notice Robert more and more as time went on and I always thought to myself “wow, this guy is hilarious”. He had a way of making me laugh harder than anyone ever had (and he still does) and it was always the most simple things. No matter what we were doing, I was always so excited to see him. A couple weeks later, we were both at the “famous” Huntsville bar Shenanigan’s with separate friend groups. I remember seeing him dancing at a distance and I wanted him to ask me to dance so badly! He ended up waiting until the last 10 minutes of the night to come ask me to dance, but I was so glad that he did. After that night, we went on our first casual “date” at a cute little sports bar and ended up talking for over three hours straight. It seemed more like 10 minutes. I knew very early on that Robert was the love of my life, and I haven’t looked back since.

how they asked

Our four year anniversary was on October 24th, 2017. Leading up to that day, Robert had kept talking about how he wanted us to go take a tour of our new apartment that we would be moving into on November 1st. Robert is not the biggest planner so I always kind of thought something was up because he was so persistent about going. We were on the phone one night a few weeks before our anniversary and he told me that he was going to call our Leasing Agent, Amanda, to see if we could take the tour on our anniversary. It turned out that they were cleaning the carpets that day, so they said it would have to be the next day. I met him at the property after work on that Wednesday, the 25th and we rode the golf cart over to our unit with Amanda. We pull up to our unit and starting looking around, of course we loved the apartment and we were expressing how excited we were to finally move in together! We were only there about 10 minutes, and at one point I walked to the back where our bedroom met the bathroom and I had started to say “Isn’t our bathroom huge?!” and Robert didn’t say anything back. Instead, he got down on one knee and said “I feel like this is the perfect time for me to ask you to marry me”. It honestly felt like a dream – I remember that I kept asking “is this real life?” and I was shaking with excitement for the next day four hours. I remember being so nervous and shocked that I started to cry and he said “I assume that means yes, right?” After that, Amanda took some pictures of us and we headed to one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate, just the two of us. I called everybody to let them know, and of course the tears wouldn’t stop. Robert knew being engaged was something that was very important to me before we lived together, and he asked in the most special way. I couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary gift!

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