Hannah and Rob

How We Met

Rob and Hannah’s Love Story began like any good country song– in Nashville, TN.

How They Asked

Rob had been planning with both his family and Hannah’s to surprise her during their trip back to his hometown in Ohio. As all of his family gathered together on this beautiful deck overlooking a shimmering lake, Hannah turned around shocked to what she heard was her mom saying her name. Surprised that her mom would be in Ohio, Hannah ran up to her and embraced her with tears of joy as she hadn’t seen her mom in a few months. As she hugged her mom, Hannah asked, “What are you doing here?” Her mom exclaimed, “I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” As her mom said this, she pointed behind Hannah, and that’s when Hannah turned around and saw Rob down on one knee. Hannah shrieked with excitement and stepped forward as Rob asked, “Hannah, will you marry me?” Hannah was so surprised she just stood there crying and was speechless.. so speechless that Rob had to ask Hannah again, and of course, she said, “YES!”After Rob placed the engagement ring on Hannah’s finger, the two cried tears of joy and told each other how much they loved one another and couldn’t wait to marry the love of their lives.


Special Thanks

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