Hannah and Riley

how we met

Riley and I met when I was in 7th grade, and some days I had to ride the bus to school with my cousin and that also happened to be the same bus Riley rode. It started off with a simple crush we had on each other but over time we had lost touch. However in the 10th grade we both joined FFA (Future Farmers of America) which was a club at the high school. We were able to reconnect through the club and during a christmas parade we rode a float together and that’s where we exchanged numbers and everything went up from there!

how they asked

I don’t really know anything about the planning process but I can definitely say it was a surprise! We were at his cousins wedding in Columbus at the Bibb Mill Event center. After the wedding his family and I were standing outside and I had to use the restroom well I don’t particularly like going anywhere alone so naturally I asked Riley if he would go with me but his mom quickly spoke up before he could respond and told me to go ahead and that they would be waiting for me when I got back. So I went to the bathroom and when I got back out I noticed they were gone! I wondered where they went off to so I looked around and saw that they were down by where the ceremony took place. I casually walked down there and Riley was waiting on me and he asked me if I wanted come down to the river. Of course I said yes and so we walked down and it was such a gorgeous view. While we were enjoying the moment, he reached down into a bush and pulled out a ring box and he knelt down on one knee and popped the question!

Special Thanks