Hannah and Raustin

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Raistin and I met our freshman year in Chemistry class the very first day of college at Hardin Simmons University in Abilene Texas and we sat right next to each other. We wuickly became friends and for a while, that is all it ever amounted too. One day we just started talking more and more each day and then all of a sudden we were “dating” in October of our sophomore year. He asked me out officially that next January.

So, recently he’s been telling me that he has no means to get a ring and actually propose any time soon since he’s so busy with school and doesn’t have any way to work yet. Well my birthday was March 11th and his parents had gotten me a gift card to get my nails done so I took my mom, sister in law, and two of my friends to go the morning of the 12th to the nail salon. After that Raustin had been telling me about a skit that he and some of his classmates were working on for class and he asked if we wanted to come by and see the rehearsal.

So we headed over to the building where he was (where we met in chemistry class) (I was still 100% clueless at this time). I walk around the corner and my dad and Raustins parents were standing in the hallway! My dad was supposed to be playing guitar with my brother and his friends on the other side of town and raustins parents were supposed to be in San Antonio! So, needless to say, I was VERY confused because I couldn’t believe they would just drive four hours to watch his rehearsal of his “skit” lol. So then I noticed all of my friends had their phones out videoing me and it all clicked right then.

Raustins dad told me to cover my eyes and they all walked me into the room where Raustin and I first met and had chemistry class together all those years ago! He had rose petals lining the floors and string lights all over the room with pictures of us. Raustin made this amazingly sweet and thoughtful video explaining everything since he didn’t want to just try to say everything off the cuff to my face cause he was scared he would forget something haha. My brother and Raustins brother were playing Raustin and I’s song (fall into me by Brantley Gilbert) and I bawled the entire time. So when he told me to turn around after the video, and I saw that he was at the top of the stairs, I just lost it!

I walked up to the top of the stairs to meet him and he and I hugged and cried and then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It was all so magical and thoughtful and it makes me smile and cry still just to think about it!

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