Hannah and Phil

How We Met

My mom and I got to campus early on move-in day so we would miss the crowds. We had a hard time finding a parking spot, but a friendly college guy helped my mom parallel park and unloaded our car. I let my mom do all the talking because I was so nervous. He helped us move all of my things upstairs and even carried my stuffed animal duck, which embarrassed me so much. My sister and dad came later to help, and when the move-in guy saw my sister, he realized he knew her from the church they both attended near campus! I never thought I would see him again, but it turned out that he was an RA on the floor below me. I saw him everywhere- during midnight fire drills, in the student union, at church, at the the local shagging place. We spent time together with friends, but at some point he texted me to ask if I wanted to get ice cream with him. I didn’t want to date anyone then, but my sister responded with a resounding YES before I could say no. Around midnight that same day, I called him and asked him to meet me in the stairwell to talk about our friendship because I didn’t want to waste our time. He told me that he liked me a lot, and asked me for a real date. He told me he loved me on that very first date. He is so genuine and kind, and I am so thankful he moved me in that very first day.

how they asked

My roommates and I like to go see the sunrise at a bridge near campus for special occasions, or just for fun. We love seeing the very beginning of a day and all the newness it brings. On my birthday, Philip asked me to go see the sunrise, like we did the year before with friends. While we were waiting for the sun to come up, he talked about our dorm years and all the sweet adventures we had, and even the less romantic parts, like when he had food poisoning and needed help in the middle of the night. Then he let me open my birthday card, which wasn’t really a birthday card! It said something about ‘Forever’ and that’s when I knew. He got down on one knee and proposed. Both of our families were there, which was so important to me. He then surprised me with an engagement party at his house. It was so special to me that he proposed at sunrise because it symbolized the beginning of our lives together!

Special Thanks

Parker Stanley
 | Photographer