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How We Met

Our video linked above talks a lot about our story, but Paul and I met through a mutual friend at church one Sunday night. I happened to sit behind a whole row of boys that my friend I was with, Ryan, knew. (Which, knowing Ryan, this was no surprise being he is the greatest social butterfly I have ever known.) I saw Paul on the end of the row with a hoodie over his head, and I was instantly intrigued by him mostly because he seemed to be the least interested in me. According to Paul, he loved sitting in front of me listening to me sing during service, which is what secretly lured him in. We both left church that night asking our friends about one another.

Paul was cute, but nothing like I imagined the man I would fall in love would be like. He wasn’t very into fashion (at least back then!) and he didn’t seem very interested in me. I was convinced he would never ask me to be his girlfriend. He even took back saying “yes” to going with me to my sorority’s winter ball. I was sure we would never end up together. Then, at Christmas time, after a couple months of getting to know each other and hanging out in the same group of friends, Paul asked me on our first date. He took me to dinner and then we drove around for hours looking at Christmas lights, listening to old Christmas songs, and drinking hot cocoa. I had never liked someone for longer than three weeks consecutively, so it only took me a couple weeks to tell my best friends that I thought I would marry him.

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how they asked

Paul is extremely romantic, and our proposal story shows that perfectly. For starters, I had absolutely NO IDEA that engagement was anywhere close to happening for us. We had of course talked about getting married, but I was entering into my final semester of college and Paul had convinced me we were not ready to get married.

A week or so before May 11th, one of my best friends ask me if we could get dinner that Saturday with her. I agreed, but actually tried to cancel plans because I was so tired the day of. I asked her if she wanted to come over to my townhome to make dinner and watch movies in our PJ’s. She convinced me to get dressed for some pie. Rachel walked in that night to my townhome and handed me a letter. I thought it was just a sweet note from her, but when she pulled out her phone to record me reading it I started to think maybe it was something to do with Paul. I was nowhere on the engagement radar, though, so I started to believe this was a really cute date planned by Paul for me. The end of the letter said “he had a big question to ask me tonight” and I started to freak out, but I wasn’t letting myself get hyped up thinking he was proposing yet. From there I began a scavenger hunt across Dallas to landmarks that held significance to Paul and I. The first stop was a coffee shop where we first ever talked just the two of us. I turned the corner and saw my parents sitting at “our table”. I immediately realized this wasn’t a cute date, but a scavenger hunt to find Paul to ask me to marry him. I was in such a state of shock that I didn’t talk, and my parents were actually scared I was going to say no… I was just literally so shocked. I was blindsided completely.

I went to a total of three locations where I found some of my best friends waiting in our spots with letters that gave me hints sending me on to the next stop in the scavenger hunt. Every single location I stopped at, my friends were scared I was going to say no because of how emotionless I was… I am telling y’all… I was so shocked. But, I did make Rachel, my chauffeur for the night, stop back at my house so I could fix the paint on my toe nails. (Paul had sneakily gotten one of my other best friends to casually go get our nails done the day before!)

The final location was our church we met at. Rachel pulled up to the front doors where one of Paul’s best friends was waiting to open the door and usher me inside. I opened the doors to the sanctuary to see Paul standing up front down a candlelit aisle. I made my way forward in complete shock- I even kicked over one of the candles by accident and may have slipped a word or two. (You can see us both giggle in the video as I enter.)

Paul asked me to marry him, I said yes, and it was perfect. We then made our way to his aunt and uncle’s house where I was told my family was at to celebrate with us. I walked in to find my grandparents, parents, and all of Paul’s family, as well as my siblings on skype and face time scattered throughout the crowd on phones and ipads. I was even given letters by my best friends since I was 12 years old that couldn’t make it to the party. Paul thought of everything.

THEN, after about ten minutes inside, my dad convinced me to check out back where there was apparently food and cake… I walked out to about 50 of our best friends in the backyard. I was overwhelmed and began to weep. It was the most special night of my life, and I couldn’t imagine a more thoughtful and precious engagement.

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